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Next week's Hollyoaks spoilers - Sienna faces Warren, Tony's PTSD and Jordan makes his mark: (13-17 January 2020)

Foxy's back with bad news

hollyoaks warren fox
Published: Sunday, 12th January 2020 at 12:00 pm

When an old acquaintance rolls back into town, you'd expect a quick text or a social media post to announce their return and arrange a catch-up - unless you're Hollyoaks' Warren Fox, in which case you kidnap your ex-partner's new boyfriend and hold them hostage in a shipping container to let everyone know: "I'm home!"


Foxy soon summons old flame Sienna Blake and reveals why he's returned and gone to such extreme lengths to get her attention - their young son Sebastian is seriously ill and he needs her help. That's rich, considering her stole him, along with twin sister Sophie, away from their mother.

Sienna quickly regrets forging a shaky alliance with her child-snatching baby daddy, and must channel the scheming, calculating Miss Blake of old, before she went all mindfulness zen and earth mother, to get the upper hand.

Meanwhile, Tony Hutchinson develops PPFSD (post pig farm stress disorder) following his incarceration by bonkers Breda McQueen and struggles to get back to normality. Evil Edward Hutchinson has a novel way of helping his son's recovery - by locking him in the bathroom and causing him to have a full-on panic attack, hoping daughter-in-law Diane Hutchinson will get so exasperated she'll choose him over his troubled son. As seduction techniques go, it's certainly novel.

hollyoaks jordan and sid

The county lines underage drug dealing storyline starts off on a slow burn with the reappearance of Sid Sumner's scally cousin Jordan Price (glimpsed supplying illegal substances on New Year's Eve), who surveys with intrigue the affluent village full of squeaky clean teenagers ripe for corruption.

Jordan begins to infiltrate the community through his gullible relative, over whom he has a worrying hold, and offers him money to treat girlfriend Juliet Quinn. As we know from the flash forward, by the end of the year his toxic influence on the local youngsters will have tragic consequences.


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