Next week’s Hollyoaks spoilers – Nancy is stabbed and Jordan grooms Juliet: 27-31 January 2020

County lines comes to the village, with tragic consequences

hollyoaks week 5 stabbing

Hollyoaks High becomes a crime scene when Nancy Osborne is stabbed while trying to break up a fight in the playground. Unfortunately, as we saw in the New Year flash forward to December 2020, this is just the start of a terrifying time for school staff and pupils.


While the pregnant teacher fights for her life, and that of her unborn baby’s, following the incident, tracksuit-clad drug baron Jordan Price executes his sinister plan to make the community his next little goldmine by targeting local teens to push his product.

hollyoaks sid sumner jordan price

It’s not just the kids canny, cocky Jordan has in his sights: if he’s going to turn children into criminals he needs to align himself with their parents and guardians so they don’t see him as a threat, and he does quite the number on cousin Sid Sumner’s foster mum, Leela Lomax.

Watch as sparks fly between these two as she invites Jordan to move in, and be prepared to shout: “Go to the Loft with your mates and pull someone your own age!” at the firefighter in the coming weeks.

hollyoaks week 5 stabbing

As increasingly demonstrated in real-life headlines, the ‘county lines’ phenomenon of young people being recruited into substance trafficking in affluent suburbia has tragic consequences – already it feels like Hollyoaks are not shying away from the grim reality of this audacious storyline, and they’ve barely got started. Remember, we saw someone being zipped up in a body bag in that peek into the future.

Vulnerable Juliet Quinn is prime fodder for Jordan’s grooming, deflated from being let down by volatile mum Donna-Marie yet again. In actual fact, the skanky parent (a welcome reappearance for Lucy-Jo Hudson, revelling in the utter awfulness of the character) lies unconscious at the Nightingales’ after taking an overdose.

hollyoaks nancy osborne darren osborne

If all this sounds rather on the grim side, there’s much-needed mirth to be had this week as a deep-clean of the Hutch turns into a comical case of mistaken identity with the cast clad in hazmat suits. Hilarity ensues, among stabbings, drug overdoses and general anxiety…


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