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Next week's Hollyoaks spoilers: Marnie's grand opening and bad news for Luke - 2-6 December 2019

Continental class and a devastating diagnosis…

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Published: Sunday, 1st December 2019 at 12:00 pm

There's a fine line between sophistication and pretension, as demonstrated this week in Hollyoaks this week when Marnie Nightingale launches her high-end new business to the baffled locals.


Haughty Marnie has always seen herself as a cut above the riff-raff of the village and takes great delight in unveiling the rebranded Teahouse as French patisserie 'Salon de The de Marnie', with a suitably OTT mural of her face adorning the wall just to add to the pure vanity of the venture.

The potential comedy gold of Nana McQueen popping in for a cuppa and a sticky bun only to be greeted by waiting staff who have been instructed to speak French at all times to customers is a welcome light-hearted contrast to the coffee house set's previous usage, as the HQ of far right extremists who were grooming poor old Ste Hay. Rest assured, Lysette Anthony will be having a ball as her alter ego lords it over the locals.

hollyoaks darren Osborne luke morgan

In more serious matters, Luke Morgan receives a devastating medical diagnosis that has huge consequences for his long-term health. The bombshell drops just as him and Cindy Cunningham are planning a happy future in their new home (why didn't they put these two together years ago?), but in typical Luke fashion he keeps it from his other half, buries his head in the sand and does a runner. Let's hope he doesn't go near any cranes.

Elsewhere, Sienna Blake celebrates the impending surrogacy unaware her sister Liberty Savage has proposed a desperate ploy for her to fall pregnant seeing as that all-important last embryo isn't viable - she'll sleep with Sienna's boyfriend Brody Hudson for functional reasons, hope nature takes its course and everyone can live happily ever after. Good luck with that.

hollyoaks sienna blake brody hudson

And there are sweet scenes as Yazz Maalik tries to get beyond the friend zone with Finn O'Connor, but evil Edward Hutchinson is waiting in the wings to throw a spanner in the works. We're waiting for Joe McGann to break the fourth wall and directly address the camera with an arched eyebrow, such is his palpable glee he takes whenever Dr Hutchinson does something dastardly.


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