Well, who saw that one coming? Hollyoaks delivered a genuine curveball as lawyer James Nightingale (Gregory Finnegan) fell into bed with gangster Liam Donovan (Jude Monk McGowan) on Thursday 12th December's E4 showing.


Unlikely lust ignited between the pair as they flirted, not just with each other, but with the idea of going into business to run a protection racket.

James is on a path of self-destruction after the murder of boyfriend Harry Thompson, while Liam is spiralling into even deeper hedonistic hell following the bombshell ex-lover Mercedes McQueen aborted what could have been his baby. Both boys are still suspects in the 'Who Shot Mercedes?' plot.

Finnegan had hinted to RadioTimes.com some time ago his character was en route to have a surprise new love interest, but did anyone suspect it would be bad boy Liam? Although, by his own admission, he'd flirt with a bacon sandwich to get what he wants…

"Having two guys, both used to being top dog, embark on a romance will undoubtedly be fun to watch," laughed the actor as fans reacted to the steamy twist. "Whether they make a good pair, I honestly don't know. I think that could be tricky given their distinctive personalities.

hollyoaks james nightingale liam donovan

"I have every reason to think that this could turn from a one-off into a full-blown relationship, but it will definitely be fun! It's been great working with Jude, he's turned Liam into a wonderfully layered character and I've enjoyed scenes very much."

McGowan is relishing the unforeseen hook-up, the notorious Lothario's first display of fluid sexuality. "Liam is a hedonistic dude, so viewers shouldn't be that surprised. He loves sensual things. I don't think he has ever felt the need to come out, he's just attracted to who he is attracted to and doesn't think about labels. Liam just has fun with whoever's going!"

As to the future for the fellas, McGowan says: "James and Liam would certainly make a powerful duo of nefariousness and darkness… It can be fun and good for business, so a relationship of convenience…"

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In Friday 13th December E4 episode, Liam has no regrets about spending the night with James, who is initially wary of it affecting their new professional arrangement - watch the clip above.

Over the coming week, the guys end up getting closer as they mix business with pleasure. Do they have what it takes to become the village's next power couple? #Lames…


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