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Hollyoaks winter trailer 2019 - first look at return of John Paul, Warren and the late-night special

Comebacks, discoveries and destruction in store

hollyoaks winter trailer 2019
Published: Tuesday, 26th November 2019 at 12:24 pm

Hollyoaks has given first their first glimpse of John Paul McQueen (James Sutton) and Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) back in the village in their new winter 2019 trailer, as well as a sneaky peek at the return of post-watershed special Hollyoaks Later in January 2020 which sees the climax of serial killer Breda McQueen's reign of terror.


Sutton reprises his role almost three years since his last appearance. In the clip he faces his rapist Finn O'Connor, who was recently released from prison and is trying to prove he is on the path to rehabilitation. Can he persuade his victim to forgive him?

Gangster Warren Fox is something of a boomerang, having been in-and-out of the soap since 2006. Lomas was last a regular in 2017 but made a brief cameo earlier this year, cueing up his full-time return this winter. The trailer shows him arriving back in the country with twins Sophie and Sebastian, the twins he stole from their mother Sienna Blake.

Late-night brand extension Hollyoaks Later is revived for a one-off edition in January, as exclusively revealed to by executive producer Bryan Kirkwood in September, and the winter trailer teases what's in store as Breda's hostage Tony Hutchinson is finally found in his pig farm prison, before the nasty nanny sets fire to the place. Who will get out of the soap's first edition of Later since 2013?

What else is revealed in the Hollyoaks winter 2019 trailer?

Elsewhere among the revelations is a look at the soap's audacious New Year's Eve flash forward, which gives tantalising snatches of 12 months into the future setting up a year-long mystery as to how character's end up embroiled in the danger we glimpse them in as part of the county lines drug dealing storyline - Juliet Quinn is covered in blood and declaring her love for somebody, but what causes her to be so distressed on 31st December 2020?

hollyoaks warren fox

Plus, Nancy Osborne tells a stunned Mandy Morgan she slept with Darren, Luke Morgan hides a devastating health diagnosis, Liberty Savage goes to desperate lengths to be a surrogate for her sister, and Mitchell Deveraux vows to come out of the closet - but how will his homophobic grandfather Walter react?


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