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Hollyoaks reveals Warren and Felix's secret past - but Jamie Lomas says everything will change soon

"Something happens that will bond them forever," teases the star

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Published: Monday, 30th March 2020 at 7:25 pm

New bad boy in town Felix Westwood (Richard Blackwood) has been reunited with his old flame and the triplets he abandoned as babies, but that's not the only blast from the past for Hollyoaks' latest arrival as it turns out he has a horrible history with none other than Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas).


As fans had suspected, fearsome Felix is not only Martine Deveraux's long-lost baby daddy, he's also Foxy's childhood bully he grew grew up with in a rough Manchester care home.

The hard man has opened up in recent episodes about how another lad in the home made his life a misery, so it's understandable that when Warren laid eyes on him for the first time in decades in Monday 30th March's E4 showing he dished out a punch to the face!

"Warren just sees red when he bumps into Felix and lashes out," says Lomas, speaking exclusively to "All the old feelings come flooding back. It's already an emotional time as he's visiting his dying son Sebastian in the hospital.

"We've heard Warren talk about how Felix targeted him and was violent, he burned him, beat him, broke his bones and gave him such a tough time as a kid. He used to terrorise him, but Warren never knew the reason why he had it in for him."

Despite the bad blood, Lomas promises the rivalry between the macho men is set to take a surprising twist. With ex-EastEnder Blackwood a star signing for the soap and in it for the long haul, there is much more to come as their relationship is explored.

hollyoaks warren fox felix westwood

"It will become clear further down the line the reason why Felix behaved that way towards Warren," continues the star, who also had a stint in EastEnders as Lauren Branning's married lover Jake Stone from 2013-2015. "Eventually it turns out to be a touching story as it unfolds and rather than being enemies, Warren and Felix will end up becoming allies. Something will happen that bonds them forever…"

For now there's not much love lost, and Lomas explains Felix's presence will serve to unlock more than ever before about the backstory of the villainous, volatile character he's played on and off since 2006.

"Warren holds Felix responsible for him being the way he is. Seeing him makes him re-live that fear you feel as a kid when someone is shouting at you or losing their temper. It is pretty harrowing. When we first talked about Warren's past we always established he grew up in care and had a tough time looking after his sister Katy.

"I remember scenes years ago when Warren told his foster brother Spencer about being locked under the stairs when he was in care, terrified. Warren just did what he did to survive, he was resilient as kids are when they're in bad situations. So exploring his past links up to what we already knew about Warren.

"It's great to be working with Richard Blackwood too," he enthuses. "I was so excited about it and we bounce off each other. I think we've got a good chemistry and it's going to be great for the audience. Even though there's this bond that develops, there's still bound to be friction between them. They'll always try and get one over on each other - that's the nature of criminals hanging out together!"


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