Hollyoaks has been dominated this week by the explosive saga of Toby Faroe and Celeste Faroe being revealed as secret triplet siblings of Mitchell Deveraux.


The creepy couple have been posing as husband and wife to hide their true identity and agenda from long-lost mum Martine Deveraux, and disturbing backstory in stylish flashbacks established they were raised in virtual isolation by a doctor as part of a twisted social experiment.

A teenage Toby was seen angrily ransacking Dr Ramsey Ley's office and discovering the manuscript for a book on their unconventional methods of child-rearing, entitled 'The Red Door', which rendered the siblings borderline sociopaths.

Full marks to anyone who recognised the name of the dastardly doctor, as it's not the first time they've been mentioned on screen.

Back in January (Thursday 2nd January on C4 to be precise) Liberty Savage was seen raving about a book on parenting she'd been reading, having just learnt she was pregnant with Brody Hudson's baby, which the pair plan to pass of as her sister Sienna Blake's surrogate.

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The title of the book? You guessed it, 'The Red Door' by Dr Ramsey Ley!

Lib was raving about the book in which Dr Ley discussed their theories on the importance of bonding for children - pretty creepy considering we now know they locked poor old Toby in a room until he was a teenager, keeping him a virtual prisoner.

Sienna looked uneasy when Liberty suggest she read the book to the bump - maybe Ms Blake had insider knowledge on Dr Ley's menacing methods?

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RadioTimes.com heard from a source about the fun, deliberate 'Easter egg' which subtly made the Chester suburb seem that little bit more real and connected - proving it's not just Doctor Who and the Marvel Cinematic Universe that can pull off such things…

"It seems Hollyoaks has its own parenting guru, Dr Ley! Which probably explains all of the bad dads in the village that serial killer Breda McQueen went after…"

Earlier this week a flashback showed teenage Toby and Celeste watching as the medical facility where they were raised burnt to the ground - did they kill Dr Ley? Or might the medic show up in the village for a book signing one of these days?


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