The antics of the residents of Hollyoaks have entertained audiences ever since the first episode of the Channel 4 soap in 1995. Here's everything you need to know about the show and how to watch it...


What days of the week is Hollyoaks on TV?

Hollyoaks is usually on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week with five episodes in total.

What time is Hollyoaks on TV?

Usually episodes air on Channel 4 each day at 6.30pm and then there's a first look at the following day's episode on E4 at 7pm. Changes are sometimes made to this schedule in order to accommodate special event programming and sport.

Can I live stream Hollyoaks online?

Yes, if you're in the UK you can live stream episodes of Hollyoaks on All4.

Can I catch up on Hollyoaks episodes if I miss them live?

Yes, if you're in the UK, episodes of Hollyoaks remain available for catch up on All4 for a month after their initial broadcast on Channel 4.

Can I watch Hollyoaks on All4 from outside the UK?

Unfortunately not. Rights agreements mean that All 4 is only available in the UK. Even if you are a citizen of the UK you cannot access the service from abroad, except to watch previously downloaded shows (applicable to iOS and Android devices only). Some programmes are available in the Republic of Ireland, subject to rights.

What's going to happen in Hollyoaks tonight and this week?


Monday 1st July: James struggles to trust Harry and decides to look through his phone. Meanwhile, Nancy tries to cheer up Sinead and Scott goes on a date with Levi.

Tuesday 2nd July: The McQueens throw a party for Max's birthday visit and Mercedes causes a scene. Meanwhile, Nana McQueen urges Scott to tell Levi the truth about his drag act.

Wednesday 3rd July: Sylver is furious at Mercedes when she admits that she has been taking drugs. Later, he opens up to Breda about his past.

Thursday 4th July: Breda confronts Mercedes, and Tony asks Harry to have a talk with Ste. Elsewhere, James asks Sami for a second opinion on Harry's case.

Friday 5th July: James demands that Ste stays away from Harry. Mercedes makes an effort to try and prove to Sylver that she can be a good wife and a good mother.

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Who is the Hollyoaks showrunner?

Bryan Kirkwood is the current Hollyoaks producer. After having originally helmed the show between 2006 and 2009, Kirkwood returned to take over the role in 2012 following the departure of Emma Smithwick. During his hiatus from Hollyoaks, Kirkwood was the producer of BBC soap EastEnders.

Is Hollyoaks a real place?

No, Hollyoaks is not a real place – it's a fictional village on the suburbs of Chester.

Where is Hollyoaks filmed? Is it filmed on the real streets of Chester?

Despite being set in Chester, because of its mass schedule Hollyoaks is actually filmed at Lime Pictures' studios in Childwall, Liverpool. The village itself is a specially built outdoor set at the studios. The Hollyoaks set was also the location for Grange Hill and the frontage, classrooms and corridors are now used as Hollyoaks High School.

Can I visit the set of Hollyoaks?

Sadly not. There are no tours of the Hollyoaks set organised at Lime Pictures, but there are lots of behind-the-scenes clips on the Channel 4 website.

Where can I watch classic Hollyoaks clips?

Channel 4 hosts a selection of Hollyoaks clips from over the decades on its YouTube channel.

Where can I watch video previews of Hollyoaks episodes?

Our new Hollyoaks spoilers video will be available here every week:

Who's in the cast of Hollyoaks?

Hollyoaks has a very large cast due to the sheer number of storylines and the demanding schedule required to output five episodes a week.

Some of the best known current cast members include:

  • Nick Pickard who plays Tony Hutchinson
  • Stephanie Waring who plays Cindy Cunningham
  • Sarah Jayne Dunn who plays Mandy Richardson
  • Jimmy McKenna who plays Jack Osborne
  • Ashley Taylor Dawson who plays Darren Osborne
  • Gary Lucy who plays Luke Morgan
  • Ellis Hollins who plays Tom Cunningham
  • Jessica Fox who plays Nancy Hayton
  • Kieron Richardson who plays Ste Hay
  • Jennifer Metcalfe who plays Mercedes McQueen
  • Nicole Barber-Lane who plays Myra McQueen
  • Diane Langton who plays Nana McQueen
  • Parry Glasspool who plays Harry Thompson
  • Alex Fletcher who plays Diane O'Connor
  • Stephanie Davis who plays Sinead Shelby
  • Jessamy Stoddart who plays Liberty Savage
  • Rory Douglas-Speed who plays Joel Dexter
  • Nikki Sanderson who plays Maxine Minniver
  • Anna Passey who plays Sienna Blake
  • Ruby O'Donnell who plays Peri Lomax
  • Kirsty-Leigh Porter who plays Leela Lomax
  • Tamara Wall who plays Grace Black
  • Nadine Mulkerrin who plays Cleo McQueen
  • Ross Adams who plays Scott Drinkwell