Hollyoaks: the truth about Pete is exposed, Mac proposes to Neeta, plus Diego arrives looking for Myra

16-20 November: Big dramas unfold as accusations are made as Reenie and Pete prepare to get married

Monday 16 November


Joe is banging on the McQueen’s front door but Mercedes doesn’t want to see him. Pete makes Cleo promise not to say anything about their relationship to Reenie, while Myra urges Mercedes to tell Joe the truth about Gabriel. Mercedes finds him at Gabriel’s grave. Joe tells her he still loves her but Mercedes can’t bring herself to tell him that he’s Gabriel’s father.

The McQueens go head to head with Mac, Ellie and Rachel who are unaware that they’re meant to be hosting Reenie and Pete’s wedding in The Dog tomorrow. Cleo reluctantly steps in to save the day but she’s heartbroken when she finds out Pete is still messaging Jade. She swipes Jade’s phone and messages Pete to meet her in The Folly. Pete darkens when Cleo threatens to tell Reenie what he’s been up to and she’s frightened when she gets a glimpse of what he’s really like…

Holly walks across The Dog car park and is oblivious to the speeding campervan heading her way, until Robbie saves the day. ‘Diego’ apologises but Robbie sends him packing. Holly tells Robbie to leave her alone, but after a chat with Diego about passion, Holly starts to wonder whether Robbie is who she really wants. Elsewhere, Diego asks Darren where he can find ‘Countess MacCoin’.

Mac, Ellie and Rachel prepare The Dog for the McQueen wedding but their lovely decorations are scrapped when Myra and Reenie want the venue to look more tropical. Rachel is concerned that Mac is still brooding over Neeta and makes a phone call. Myra pales when Diego walks in, half-naked hoping to use the pub’s shower, what is she hiding? Mac is stunned when Neeta turns up. He proposes to her but when he hears Cindy is coming back from her holiday tomorrow, he needs to get a divorce, quick!

Tuesday 17 November

The McQueens are merrily getting ready for Reenie and Pete’s wedding, apart from Cleo. Pete sneaks up to the living room window and beckons her to come outside. He promises that he still loves her but has to marry Reenie to look after her. Meanwhile, Myra goes to see Diego to tell him to leave but when he kisses her, she can’t resist. Elsewhere, Cleo spots Pete with Jade in the village and tells him she’s stopping the wedding. He drags her into the alley to talk her round but Harry sees them and chases after her when he sees she’s upset.

Meanwhile, Reenie walks down the ‘aisle’ towards Pete. Harry can’t believe it when Cleo tells him about her relationship with Pete and storms off to tell her family. As Reenie and Pete are declared husband and wife, Harry bursts through the doors. Elsewhere, Darren and Jack tell Jade that social services have found her a permanent foster home.

Cindy and Dirk arrive home and Cindy is desperate to keep her husbands away from each other. Mac catches up with Cindy in Price Slice and Simone is stunned when she overhears them talking about their secret marriage. Cindy explains her history with Mac but Simone urges Cindy to tell Dirk.

Wednesday 18 November

The McQueens reel from Harry’s accusation – none of them know who or what to believe apart from Porsche who stares at Pete with hatred. Pete remains calm and is still determined to go on his honeymoon with a confused Reenie, but the net is closing in. Meanwhile, Celine goes outside for some air but collapses after taking more weight loss tablets, and Myra puts her family before Diego.

Jade begs Lisa to help her after finding out that she has to leave. Lisa asks Simone and Louis whether Jade can live with them. Elsewhere, Nancy and Darren persuade Jack to let Jade stay but Jade has already packed her bags. 

Thursday 19 November

Celine is recovering in hospital and Porsche decides it’s time to go to the police but she needs Cleo’s help. Elsewhere, Jade calls Pete after sleeping rough. He picks her up but when she gets a voicemail from Lisa telling her what Pete has done, she panics.

Cindy meets Neeta, and Mac urges her to sort out the divorce, now! She asks Simone to help her replicate a decree absolute but when she says no, Cindy pinches one of her law books. She mocks up her own documents and is relieved when Mac thinks they’re real. However, when Mac announces that he’s booked his wedding for January, Cindy realises she’s got to get divorced properly.

Friday 20 November


DS Drake gives the McQueens an update on Pete. Mac tells his children that he’s set a date to marry Neeta. Nathan and Alfie are delighted, but Ellie can’t hide her disgust. She puts on a smile for the sake of her dad, but is determined that the wedding won’t go ahead.