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Hollyoaks new spring 2020 trailer: 8 big moments including Sienna and Warren's kiss

Plus Sylver's secret love child and Tony's brain tumour horror

hollyoaks trailer spring 2020
Published: Tuesday, 14th April 2020 at 12:12 pm

Hollyoaks may be down to airing just two episodes a week at the moment, but that doesn't mean there's any less drama heading our way this spring as a brand new trailer teases the biggest storylines set to explode over the coming months.


Passion, secrets, revenge and heartbreak are all promised in the fast-paced clip - rest assured, it's business as usual in the vibrant village. Here are our top eight talking points…

Sienna and Warren kiss

hollyoaks Sienna and warren

There was a time when warring co-parents Warren Fox and Sienna Blake couldn't be in the same room together, now they're bonded by young son Sebastian's leukaemia battle - but has it reignited dormant passion for the pair as they're seen sharing a clandestine kiss? What does this mean for Sienna and boyfriend Brody Hudson becoming mummy and daddy to Liberty's surrogate baby?

Sylver's secret daughter

Hollyoaks – Cher McQueen (Bethany Hare)
Channel 4

After a tumultuous year of affairs, secret abortions and murder attempts, king and queen of the village Sylver and Mercedes McQueen renew their wedding vows and look forward wiping the slate clean for a second chance at happiness - then a gobby teenage girl called Cher turns up claiming to be Sylver's daughter! The buff barman was in prison from his late teens until a few years ago, so how is this possible? Prepare for some big twists about Mr McQueen's past…

Mitchell proposes to Scott

hollyoaks scott drink well mitchell deveraux

It's been a long journey of acceptance for Mitchell Deveraux to come out of the closet, not just for him but for his family. Now him and boyfriend Scott Drinkwell are set to tie the knot after Mitchell proposes, only for their happiness to be short-lived when Dr Deveraux is arrested for assault. Is someone setting him up?

Tony's got a brain tumour

hollyoaks Edward and tony

Evil Edward Hutchinson is secretly drugging son Tony to get him permanently out of the picture so he can have daughter-in-law Diane all to himself, but how will the shocking news Tone has a brain tumour change things? Verity begs her dastardly dad not to let her brother die - can he resist the opportunity to get what he wants or will he choose to save his son?

New recruits for county lines

Benjamin O'Mahony

Following the recent hour-long episode focusing on the county lines drug dealing storyline, the hard-hitting plot continues. We get our first look at gang boss Victor, the man who's pulling Jordan Price's strings, Jordan bedding both Peri Lomax and her mum Leela, plus the creepy recruitment of vulnerable teen Charlie Dean who finds a distraction from his fractured home life by pushing product in the corridors of Hollyoaks High…

Darren turns his back on Kyle

hollyoaks darren Osborne kyle kelly

Darren Osborne finally opens up to partner Mandy Morgan about his depression, only for close pal and fellow sufferer Kyle Kelly to be left out in the cold. As his relationship with fiancée Nancy Osborne implodes, Kyle sinks further into despair - can he find a way out?

John Paul's love triangle

hollyoaks john paul mcqueen

Handsome PC George Kiss has won many admirers but he's yet to have a love interest - that looks set to change as him and teacher John Paul McQueen embark on a tentative romance. However, JP's tortured ex James Nightingale announces he wants him back… Who will end up alone? Or will John Paul become a player and juggle both blokes?

Deveraux destruction

hollyoaks deverauxs

Toby and Celeste Faroe discover their long-lost dad Felix Westwood sold them for £50k when they were born - and they're not happy. Having initially blamed mum Martine Deveraux for being cast out of the clan and being raised by an evil psychiatrist as a social experiment, the sinister siblings target daddy dearest as he gets very cosy with (non-blood) relative Lisa Loveday!


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