5 Hollyoaks spoilers for next week: Tony’s got a brain tumour, and John Paul’s love triangle

Plus Hollyoaks Favourites revisits some explosive bust-ups

hollyoaks tony diane week 20

Hollyoaks‘ most beloved character faces what could be his darkest hour yet this week, and that’s saying something seeing as Tony Hutchinson has already survived cancer, mental health issues, the death of his baby daughter and being incarcerated by a serial killing pensioner at a pig farm.


Elsewhere, a new flame alights and an old one flickers back into life for John Paul McQueen, and Hollyoaks Favourites fires up more treats from the archive including an exploding school and a return from the dead. Here are your Hollyoaks spoilers for Monday 11th-Friday 15th May 2020.

Will Tony die?

hollyoaks tony Edward week 20

Terrified Tone wakes up in hospital after his seizure and has an emergency MRI on the insistence of super surgeon dad Edward Hutchinson. Despite being one of his oldest friends, and ex-wives (yes, really – look it up if you don’t believe us), selfish Cindy Cunningham is more concerned with Tony being well enough to knock up the buffet for boyfriend Luke Morgan’s birthday party then his sudden health crisis, but it provides a brief distraction before Edward delivers the devastating test results – his son has a brain tumour. Faced with some difficult decisions, Tony realises life will never be the same again. Has fate intervened to tear him and Diane apart allowing evil Edward to exploit the situation and makes his move?

John Paul’s choice

hollyoaks John paul james george

James Nightingale seethes with jealousy at seeing ex-lover John Paul McQueen cosying up to PC Kiss and declares he wants him back. For a successful lawyer and probably one of the most intelligent men in the village, James must have a surprisingly bad memory – what part of his tumultuous, toxic and downright destructive romance with JP makes him want to revisit it? The time he pretended he’d locked his former husband in the boot of a car and chucking it off a cliff? Or how about when he tried to murder Mr McQueen’s sister in cold blood, then thought John Paul was blackmailing him over the secret? Actually, that sounds pretty stable compared to most relationships in Hollyoaks.

Engagement news for Stitchell

hollyoaks Scott and mitchell

They’ve been up and down like the proverbial roller coaster of late, but Mitchell Deveraux and Scott Drinkwell are now officially engaged. Mum Martine Deveraux is delighted, and even Mitch’s estranged dad Felix Westwood is all smiles and even offers to pay for a lavish ceremony. And to think just days before his son was accused of trying to beat him to death – families, eh? One relative not yet let in on the impending nuptials news is granddad Walter Deveraux. The pastor’s fervent religious views and predilection for homophobic prejudice makes us deduce he’s unlikely to be knocking up rainbow flags to use as seat covers for the big day – but could he end up surprising us?

Charlie drawn into county lines

hollyoaks Charlie dean

Remember when Charlie Dean was a cute little kid? That angelic smile never slipping no matter how many times parental figures Nancy and Darren split up and got back together, he seemed remarkably well adjusted for a child who’s mother was stabbed to death in prison while she was doing time for an illicit affair with a pupil she taught. Now he’s a teenager it turns out he’s not as together as we thought, making him an unwitting potential recruit for Jordan Price and his insidious county lines drug dealing network. This week marks a turning point in Charlie’s involvement in the story, which may be the most chilling development yet.

Hollyoaks Favourites: explosive showdowns

hollyoaks favourites week 20

More classic eps to keep fans going during lockdown are given another airing – this week some explosive confrontations are dusted off including the final showdown between monstrous Mac Nightingale and ex-lover Neeta Kaur occurring in the spectacular school explosion from 2017, and the audacious ‘back from the dead’ moment when Sienna Blake revealed on a hospital rooftop to serial killer daughter Nico she had faked her death, only for Warren Fox to step out of the shadows and complicate matters further. And matters were pretty complicated to begin with.


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