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5 Hollyoaks spoilers for next week: Tony returns to the pig farm, plus baby drama for Liberty and Brooke

And has Sienna finally been found?

hollyoaks tony hutchinson edward hutchinson
Published: Sunday, 9th February 2020 at 12:00 pm

The past comes back to haunt the residents of Hollyoaks next week with frightening results, but thoughts also turn to the future as two mums-to-be prepare for the looming birth of their children. As usual, it's far from plain sailing and it all looks set to end in tears… Here's your guide to the drama ahead in our rundown of Hollyoaks spoilers for 10-14 February 2020.


Tony returns to the pig farm

hollyoaks tony hutchinson

Evil Edward Hutchinson encourages son Tony Hutchinson to face his fears, and return to the pig farm where he was held hostage for months by crazed serial killer Breda McQueen. We're all for facing your fears to get closure, but isn't this a bit too soon? Predictably, and as Dr H had hoped, the triggering makes Tone totally lose it causing more stress for wife Diane - and pushing her closer to her father-in-law. He's more than happy to display his understanding bedside manner.

Desperately seeking Sienna

hollyoaks warren fox

In Hollyoaks' very own cut-price version of The Grand Tour, alpha males Warren Fox, Brody Hudson and Joel Dexter are on a road trip in search of Sienna Blake, who absconded with he and Warren's twins last month. Investigating a lead on a never-mentioned-before long-lost relative the trio reach their destination, but Foxy is soon faced with a chapter of his own past he'd rather forget. And we're not talking about actor Jamie Lomas's brief stint in EastEnders.

Toby gets cold feet

hollyoaks lisa iloveday toby faroe celeste faroe

Having successfully caused a rift among the Deveraux clan by planting evidence that outed Mitchell to Walter, who cast his grandson out due to his strict religious views, terrifying Toby and icy Celeste target Mitchell's flighty cousin Lisa Loveday as the quest to get revenge on Martine for giving Toby away as a child continues. But wobbly Toby starts to warm to his oblivious mum and wonders if she regrets giving him away. Expect Celeste to tap her talons on the table to calm her other half down in that oh-so-creepy way of hers. We also want answers as to why Mr and Mrs Faroe have separate bedrooms - any theories on that?

Maybe baby

hollyoaks brooke and ollie

Ollie Morgan hopes girlfriend Brooke Hathaway has changed her mind about having their baby adopted when it comes in a few weeks' time, but just because the expectant mother orders a baby-grow does it mean she's ready to play happy families? Eager Ollie gets a little carried away as he starts eyeing up cutie booties and daydreaming about flying kites and changing nappies. Are the naive teens ready to be parents? Or will Ollie be brought down to earth with a thud?

Mum's the word

hollyoaks liberty savage

In other baby news elsewhere in the village, pregnant Liberty Savage puts her guitar down and tries to get her fluffy little brain around the fact she's now a surrogate for a couple who are no longer together. The aforementioned Sienna, Lib's sister, decided she'd rather have the kids she thought she'd lost to Warren and ran off with them, leaving her sibling and baby daddy Brody behind.


As the date for Liberty's 12-week scan arrives, it's far from the joyous occasion she thought it would be a few weeks ago as 'mum and dad' clearly don't give a stuff any more. Damon Kinsella urges best mate Brody to step up and go to hospital for the appointment, and thankfully he shows up and is overwhelmed to see his the fuzzy outline of the foetus on the screen… Will anyone want this baby when it comes? Just give it to Warren, he'll probably end up kidnapping it at some point anyway. Just because.

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