We know Mitchell Deveraux (Imran Adams) is leaving Hollyoaks, but has he met a similarly sticky end to that of cousin Lisa Loveday, murdered by terrifying Toby Faroe (Bobby Gordon)? Prepare to find out his fate.


Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) is shocked her killer daughter Nico Blake (Persephone Swales-Dawson) is back from the dead - kind of, and a new arrival has Brody Hudson (Adam Woodward) worried.

Here are all your Hollyoaks spoilers for 23rd - 27th November 2020.

Is Mitchell dead?

hollyoaks toby faroe celeste faroe

Twins of terror Toby and Celeste Faroe (Andrea Ali) are desperately covering their tracks after the shocking incident with triplet sibling Mitchell last week, who is now MIA after getting dangerously close to the truth about what happened to cousin Lisa.

Martine Deveraux (Kelle Bryan) is suspicious at her son's sudden absence, while Toby is convinced he's killed the disappearing doctor. Can Celeste's clean-up operation deflect what they've done and protect their deadly secret? By the end of the week, the devastated Deverauxs are told they may never see Mitchell again, so does that mean the fearsome Faroes have been busted?

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Baby Faith vanishes

hollyoaks sienna blake liberty savage nico blake

Another vanishing act occurs elsewhere when baby Faith goes missing. The newborn is at the centre of an emotional tug-of-love between surrogate and adopted mums/sisters Liberty Savage (Jessamy Stoddart) and Sienna, both of whom want to raise her, so a kidnap is the last thing they need. Though is there ever a good time for a kidnap? Probably not.

Horrified Sienna realises Lib is suffering post-birth psychosis as she catches her talking to her dead daughter Nico, who has returned as a figment of the new mum's fragile imagination and is trying to persuade Ms Savage to get rid of her interfering big sis. By the end of the week Faith has gone from her pram, but who has taken her? And can anyone help Liberty?

Here comes Summer

hollyoaks summer ranger brody hudson

While worrying about the fate of his baby girl and his baby mama(s), distracted Brody literally bumps into a stressed young lady at the hospital and is full of apologies. However, soap's politest young man is ashen when she introduces herself as Summer Ranger (Rhiannon Clements), daughter of evil Cormac who Brody, Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) and Felix Westwood (Richard Blackwood) beat up and put in a coma.

Confronted with the impact her dad's attack has had on sweet Summer, guilt-ridden Brody offers her a job at the Love Boat. His good deed is bound to backfire, as Summer investigates who duffed up her daddy. And it's been teased the new arrival will be stirring up the already-volatile romance between Brody and Sienna. Watch this space.

Kurt proposes to Verity

hollyoaks edward hutchinson kurt benson

For someone so smart and switched on, Verity Hutchinson (Eva O'Hara) is being pretty gullible by allowing herself to be won over by caddish Kurt Benson (Jeremy Edwards), who's clearly only after her for one thing. No, not her impeccable fashion sense and beauty regime - her cash.

Hollyoaks' inexplicably resurrected heart-throb continues to con his mates with that bogus business plan, and spontaneously pops the question to his meal ticket - sorry - girlfriend hoping to get more investment. And we don't mean emotionally. When Verity's protective dad Edward Hutchinson (Joe McGann) overhears Kurt on one of his secret phone calls that spell out to the audience he's scamming everyone (does he even try to whisper?!), he reckons it's time to expose him. There's only room for one amoral over-achiever in this village.

Cleo and Joel reunited

hollyoaks cleo mcqueen

Joel Dexter (Rory Douglas-Speed) is happy to see old flame Cleo McQueen (Nadine Mulkerrin) is home and moving on from her heartbreak with Mitchell. Douglas-Speed and Mulkerrin could even risk a cheeky hug as they don't have to socially-distance, seeing as the actors are a real-life couple and recently became parents, hence Mulkerrin's maternity leave.

The holy hunk struggles to hide the flash of jealousy he feels when Cleo flirts with Toby, but before girlfriend Goldie McQueen (Chelsee Healey) can chastise him for making eyes at his ex, the McQueen clan are terrorised once again by the creepy doll doing the dastardly work of Silas Blissett (Jeff Rawle) - this week's sin, is envy, but who has committed it?

Friday favourites: John Paul and Craig's first kiss

Hollyoaks Favourites John Paul McQueen Craig Dean

We're back in 2007 for this week's Friday flashback, and it's a momentous occasion as closeted schoolboy John Paul McQueen shares his first drunken kiss with straight crush Craig Dean. The boys' on/off romance became one of the first 'shipped' same sex relationships earning a loyal following on what was, at the time, a very nascent social media. Without McDean there'd be no Robron, Khana, Ballum…


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