Naming a new soap character, like a newborn baby, is quite a responsibility as it helps define their personality and gives the world an idea of what to expect. With that in mind prepare to meet the amusingly-monikered Cher, the latest long-lost member of the McQueen family, who arrives this week. You'll be surprised at how she fits into Hollyoaks' chaotic clan.

As well as this new face the coming week also sees the start of a scandalous love triangle, more misery for Kyle Kelly, and another chance to see one of the soap's most notorious serial killers in action - and there's been quite a few. Here are your Hollyoaks spoilers for 1st-5th June 2020.

Sylver meets his secret daughter

hollyoaks mercedes sylver

Sweet Sylver prepares to renew his vows to mouthy Mercedes with a big public party. Seeing as there are so many nuptial-themed McQueen occasions the pressure is on for producers to spice them up by springing an outrageous surprise on the viewers, but they've outdone themselves this time as a sassy teenager Cher barges in with a shocking claim - she is Sylver's daughter. Quite how this will be explained seeing as he was banged up for most of his adult life devoid of female contact should be very interesting, but one look at Cher with her hoop earrings and scrunchy barely taming a brunette barnet all but confirms this girl is most definitely a McQueen.

Will Jordan seduce Peri's mum?

hollyoaks jordan peri leela

As if we needed more reasons to dislike creepy drug dealer Jordan Price, he's now set to break lovely Peri Lomax's heart by cosying up to her mum Leela Lomax. The feisty firefighter has form when it comes to younger fellas, remember her icky fling with Zack Loveday? It looks like she's about to rediscover her inner cougar with her daughter's bloke after months of cringey flirting when he gives her a sob story about his childhood. Is Jordan only flattering the yummy mummy to deflect attention from his criminal activity taking place under her roof? Shame on you, Leela - and you're meant to be the sensible one in the family.

Kyle feels lonelier than ever

hollyoaks darren kyle

Following his ill-advised decision to drive stepson Oscar around while high as a kite, Kyle has trouble convincing fiancée Nancy Osborne to give him another chance to prove he is a responsible adult and not a flaky man child. Forcing him to choose between her drugs puts the rocky romance at a crossroads, and Kyle pleads with best mate Darren Osborne to help sort his mess out. But the co-dependent friendship with Darren starts to fracture, and as Mandy encourages her man to focus on his recovery from depression, Kyle could be left adrift with no support network for his own crumbling mental health.

John Paul's new lover causes a stir

hollyoaks John paul George

Back to the McQueens' wedding vow renewal bash, and John Paul spies a potential plus one for his sister's big day in the shape of hunky copper George Kiss. After not having a non-toxic love interest in years, proudly parading the perky PC with the perfect pecs on his arm has JP beaming. Unfortunately, when matriarch Nana finds out what her grandson's new beau does for a living she's far from impressed, as upstanding police officers and law-bending McQueens have never made the best bedfellows. We reckon one flash of that unnerving smile from gorgeous George (don't look directly at him, you'll never be the same again!) will have Nana wrapping her feather boa round the newcomer by the time Agadoo is playing on the wedding disco.

Bye bye Misbah (for now)


Having got cold feet about swapping Dee Valley Hospital for a temporary secondment in Surrey, Dr Misbah Maalik decides to take the plunge and take up the tempting career opportunity. She leaves behind an unusually stable household: daughter Yazz is loved up with boyfriend Tom Cunningham, son Imran is helping BFFs Ollie Morgan and Brooke Hathaway run a sustainable vegan street food stall, and stepson Sami has started his own law firm. Which means disaster must surely be round the corner for the clan…

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