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Hollyoaks spoilers for next week as soap goes off air

Scott and Mitchell's wedding in crisis, and the past haunts Brody.

hollyoaks scott mitchell
Published: Saturday, 18th July 2020 at 7:00 am

The moment is upon us as Hollyoaks airs its last episode before a temporary transmission break brought about by the UK lockdown that paused production earlier this year.


Normal service resumes in September, but get ready for some big cliffhangers you'll have to wait months to be resolved after Monday 20th July (E4) and Tuesday 21st July (C4) as we say goodbye - for now - to the residents of soap's most vibrant village. Here are your Hollyoaks spoilers for 20th - 24th July 2020.

Scott and Mitchell's wedding off?

hollyoaks scott mitchell

Could Stitchell get any cuter? The boys' big day is imminent, but bridezilla Scott's dreams of a Britney Spears-themed reception (we're praying for drag alter ego Anita Tinkle to return dressed in the Toxic video air hostess outfit for the first dance), Mitchell is struggling to tell homophobic granddad Walter he is tying the knot with his boyfriend. Deciding to trick him into attending by pretending they're throwing a charity event for sick donkeys (yes, really), then spring the nuptials on him once he's there, gets alarm bells ringing for Scott who feels his fiancé is ashamed of him. Is he right? And if so, should they be considering marriage at all?

Felix torn between Martine and Lisa

hollyoaks felix westwood

Opening up to old flame Martine Deveraux about the abuse he endured in the care home where he grew up, Felix Westwood shows the sensitivity behind the swagger. But don't worry, it's still in there as he continues to string Lisa Loveday along while reeling Martine back in. Not standing for being stood up, sassy Lisa tracks down her man the next day and seduces him, ensuring he knows what he's missing. But which woman does he really want? Here's hoping the ladies cotton on they're both being played and team up for some good old-fashioned revenge…

Brody haunted by Buster

hollyoaks sienna brody

Felix confronting creepy Cormac Ranger puts Brody in a spin, and concerned Sienna Blake warns her fella he's projecting his unresolved issues with his own childhood abuser, Buster Smith, onto the situation. Buster is behind bars for abusing Ollie Morgan, but not for what he did to Brody as the charges were thrown out at the trial. Brooding Brody requests a prison visit only for it to be rejected. Will the buff barman ever get closure on his teenage trauma? And with a baby on the way care of surrogate Liberty Savage, how will his past impact on his future as a parent?

Yazz and Tom hit the rocks

hollyoaks tom and yazz

That December flash forward we're heading towards (we can't begin to imagine how lockdown has affected the production team's plans - although we've still got a while to go) teased a wedding that seemed to involve Tom Cunningham. Is he the lucky groom-to-be? Judging from his epic fail this week with girlfriend Yazz Maalik where he buys her a truly hideous jacket he thinks she'll love, the couple's compatibility is thrown into doubt. Maybe Tom is the best man instead. Or an usher. Maybe a waiter at the reception?

Hollyoaks Favourites: Hannah's eating disorder


Hollyoaks Favourites has kept the flag flying for fans since the main show reduced from five to two episodes at the start of lockdown to keep it on air for as long as possible. There's an extra fourth instalment from Tuesday this week as we revisit Hannah Ashworth's tragic eating disorder plot from 2007. It remains one of the most powerful stories Hollyoaks has ever told. That's the last of Favourites for now, but new retro show Hollyoaks@25 takes its place from next week, celebrating the last quarter of a century with a selection of explosive weeks from different classic eras. Don't worry, it will be September before you know it…


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