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6 Hollyoaks spoilers for next week as soap returns: What went wrong at the wedding?

Flashback reveals a terrible crime was committed.

hollyoaks felix westwood
Published: Tuesday, 1st September 2020 at 6:00 am

Hollyoaks fans rejoice, the soap finally returns to our screens on Monday 7th September after six long weeks (do we really have to explain the reasons behind its absence?) with brand new episodes picking up where we left off in July. Sort of.


Cast and crew were filming Scott Drinkwell and Mitchell Deveraux's wedding on location just days before March's UK lockdown halted production (for anyone who genuinely didn't know why Hollyoaks went off air). With footage in the bag showing characters at a large gathering clearly not observing social distancing, Hollyoaks ingeniously present the big day in a pre-pandemic flashback as we rejoin the village residents in real time.

Framing the relaunch week, with four episodes instead of five showing Monday to Thursday until January 2021, is a series of police interviews with characters discussing a terrible crime that occurred at the ceremony. So what was it? Here are your Hollyoaks spoilers from 7th - 11th September 2020.

Walter stops the wedding?

hollyoaks walter stops wedding week 37

Vindictive Toby Faroe told granddad Walter Deveraux his brother Mitchell was marrying his boyfriend, knowing the homophobic patriarch would not approve and it would cause chaos in the family. Walter makes a dramatic entrance as the boys are saying their vows at the swanky venue surrounded by their loved ones, but toxic Toby's plan backfires and everything appears to go to plan. Then the fun really starts…

Mitchell confronts Toby - then disappears

hollyoaks mitchell toby celeste week 37

Discovering his brother deliberately tried to sabotage his big day, Mitchell confronts Toby and all hell breaks loose. Celeste Faroe finds herself increasingly torn between which of her triplet brothers to support - could she be having doubts about her and Toby's Machiavellian scheme to destroy the Deverauxs for selling them to a mad scientist when they were babies? Admittedly, that's not the kind of thing you get over too quickly. I'd imagine. After the showdown Mitchell storms off to his room, but is nowhere to be found when it's time for the first dance. What's happened to the newly-wed?

Flashback reveals foul play

hollyoaks celeste week 37

Framing the wedding day recalls are tense scenes set in the present day, in which the triplets' dad Felix Westwood, Scott, Walter and Diane Hutchinson are interrogated by the police about the shocking events that occurred at the venue. You'll have to watch to see how it unfolds, but suffice to say the triplets are at the centre of the mystery, a terrible mistake is made with huge consequences, someone tries to cover up the crime, and one member of the family hides incriminating evidence. Just your average soap wedding, in other words.

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Felix keeps three girls on the go

hollyoaks felix westwood week 37

Meanwhile, Felix has another plot happening on the side, which is appropriate as it's all about him keeping his indiscretions on the side a secret from Martine Deveraux. The childhood sweethearts have only just got back together but he's already sneaking around with her niece Lisa Loveday. And that trailer after Hollyoaks' last episode in July suggested gangster Grace Black also catches the bad boy's eye. Which woman will flirty Felix choose? And how can the show portray numerous lusty affairs and unbridled passion when actors have to keep two metres apart?

Tony terrifies Diane as Edward gloats

hollyoaks tony diane edward

Elsewhere, Tony Hutchinson's terrifying transformation thanks to the secret doses of testosterone administered by his dastardly dad Edward Hutchinson are having the desired effect. Diane is devastated and genuinely scared when her hubby has another violent, aggressive outburst and she bans him from attending their nephew Scott's wedding (sorry, we're still in flashback. Kind of. Oh, you'll get the idea when you watch it). As Tony makes a huge confession to his wife, Verity Hutchinson worries for her brother, while Edward lurks in doorways smirking (as per). Let's hope that cello of his is properly sanitised as part of the new COVID-safe restrictions on set, we'd hate to lose that character trope.

James plots to split John Paul and George

hollyoaks John paul james george

Finally let's refresh ourselves on the James Nightingale/John Paul McQueen/PC George Kiss love triangle: JP fancies the pants off his new fella and jealous ex James is miffed he's not as handsome as the impossibly cute cop. That's basically it. But wait, is the honeymoon period over already for John Paul as he feels rejected by George? James overhears something he can use to his advantage, so might there be hope for him to win his old flame back after all?


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