Violence, deception and one of the sweetest relationships in the village hitting the rocks might sound like there's not much to smile about in upcoming episodes of Hollyoaks, but fear not as there is new romance on the horizon and some comedy with Cindy Cunningham at her stroppy best.


As Felix Westwood recovers from his attack and Edward Hutchinson returns, here's your full guide to all the biggest Hollyoaks spoilers for Monday 4th-Friday 8th May 2020.

Stitchell unstitched

hollyoaks scott drinkwell

In the wake of mild-mannered Mitchell Deveraux's wrongful arrest for the almost-fatal attack on dad Felix, boyfriend Scott Drinkwell starts to suspect his other half could've actually done it - despite giving him a false alibi. Tension mounts and Scott wonders if the pair have a future after all, and so do we if he's that quick to judge the nicest man in soap. Admitting he had dark thoughts about teaching his father a lesson but stopped short of acting on it, Mitchell begs his boyfriend for another chance and spontaneously proposes. Because marriage is the logical next step to a relationship riddled with mistrust and suspicion, right?

Happy families

hollyoaks deveraux family

We all know who really tried to bump off Mr Westwood: his other son Toby Faroe, who flew into one of his temper tantrums upon learning his dad sold him and sister Celeste Faroe at birth for £50k and fled with the cash, while Mitchell was kept in the Deveraux fold. Felix wakes up but doesn't appear to remember the identity of his attacker - good news for the terrifying Faroe siblings, but their next move may surprise you as Felix moves in with the children he once gave away for a bag of dirty money. Is all forgiven? If we know Celeste, there's a sinister master plan at work here…

Evil Edward is back

hollyoaks Edward and tony

Talking of sinister master plans, the man who invented them returns to the village - yes, lock up your daughters-in-law and your dodgy meds, Dr Edward Hutchinson is invited to a peacekeeping Hutchinson family lunch as Verity Hutchinson tries to make amends between her dad and big brother. Tony doesn't want to upset his long-lost sibling but the scars of Edward's attempt to wreck his marriage to wife Diane Hutchinson are still raw. Can the sly surgeon win over his son as he shows up to break bread? He better bring along a decent bottle of Chauteauneuf de Pape to serve with lunch at the very least, but he's more likely to crush those fake pills up into Tone's tortellini.

John Paul cops off

hollyoaks John paul james george

John Paul has always been the most sensible of the McQueen clan, except when it comes to matters of the heart. His relationship history is strewn with more disasters than a Michael Bay movie retrospective, so fingers crossed he's finally found a good one in the shape of PC George Kiss. The issue of whether or not the unsettlingly handsome Scot likes girls or boys is finally answered, thanks to JP's cheeky son Matthew-Jesus who outright asks him in front of his mortified dad, and Sally St Claire swiftly sets up her son with the local bobby. George, if you're reading this, be warned that life for some of John Paul's exes took some challenging turns after he dated them: Ste Hay was groomed by far right extremists, James Nightingale shot the local landlady, and Father Kieron was murdered. Just saying.

Clash of the Cunninghams


When the Cunninghams opened the Grande Bazaar covered market earlier this year it was confident sign that one of Hollyoaks' heritage families were back on top. Mr C's offspring Cindy and Tom were working together side by side at the heart of the village where they grew up. Fast forward a few months and the siblings are squabbling already over Tom's obsession with making the place eco-friendly, which greedy Cindy reckons will drive down her precious profits. This week all-out war threatens to break out - and it all starts with a batch of vegan plant-based burgers…

Hollyoaks Favourites: doomed weddings

hollyoaks favourites grace and Trevor wedding

The next batch of classic episodes from the archives revisits some memorable weddings: Lily and Prince McQueen, Maxine and Patrick Blake, and Trevor Royle and Grace Black. This being Hollyoaks, it's confronting to realise one half of all three couples whose big days we revisit are now dead - and in the case of gangster Trevor, one of the grooms actually expired at the altar. That's life in a cursed Chester suburb for you.


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