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6 Hollyoaks spoilers for next week: Kyle's suicide aftermath, and Darren makes a confession

Plus, John Paul's first love is revisited in Hollyoaks Favourites.

Hollyoaks Darren Osborne gets help for depression
Published: Saturday, 13th June 2020 at 7:00 am

Emotions run high as word spreads around Hollyoaks village that Kyle Kelly has taken his own life. Darren Osborne blames himself, and so does Nancy Osborne - how can the ones he left behind make sense of the tragedy?


Elsewhere, drug dealer Jordan Price spots another nefarious opportunity to corrupt the local youth, and John Paul McQueen is loved up both now and in the past, as his groundbreaking teenage romance with Craig Dean is revisited in classic episodes. Here are your Hollyoaks spoilers for 15th-19th June 2020.

Kyle's death devastates the village

hollyoaks kyle kelly and Nancy osborne

Recriminations, disbelief and pure anger are among the many mixed emotions felt in the wake of Kyle's suicide, with Darren reeling from finding his friend. The powerful plot has been building for months as a parallel exploration of the opposing ways male depression can be dealt with in the 30-something age bracket. The sobering statistic from the Samaritans that suicide is the biggest cause of death in men under 50 highlights how important an issue this is, and Hollyoaks has handled it responsibly and with sensitivity. But be warned, it doesn't pull any punches as Nancy struggles to navigate through her grief and keep her family from falling apart.

Darren gets help

Hollyoaks Darren Osborne Luke Morgan Mandy Morgan

In a Sliding Doors moment Darren realises he could've easily gone down the dark path Kyle ended up taking, and finally agrees to see a doctor. Luke Morgan is mortified he told his best mate to 'man up' when he broached the subject of his ailing mental health, but it's an all-too-accurate response to a much-misunderstood illness. With Luke, and worried partner Mandy, at his side, Darren makes a shocking admission. Can he stop blaming himself for Kyle's death and commit to tackling his condition?

Liberty's lustful thoughts


Surrogacy storylines tend to go back and forth like a pinball machine, as all possible permutations of having three characters locked in an emotional minefield inevitably turns into a love triangle that challenges loyalties and inspires forbidden feelings. If you thought we'd been there and done that with Liberty and Brody Hudson when they platonically slept together purely to conceive a child for Sienna Blake, it turns out lusty Lib wants to go there and do that again with her baby daddy. Confessing to Damon Kinsella she's been having naughty dreams about his buff bestie, can preggers Liberty keep a lid on her attraction and keep her hands off her big sister's man? Sienna's got more on her mind as she makes a decision about her future. Would she notice if her sister and her fella got it on under her nose? She didn't the first time…

Jordan takes advantage

Hollyoaks Jordan Price Sid Sumner county lines drug dealing

Will Jordan spare a thought for poor Kyle, who's reliance on marijuana he facilitated by dealing to him? Washing any blood off his hands, the scally spies another opportunity to expand his county lines supply chain by hijacking Hollyoaks High's environmental fair, which welcomes pupils from other local schools - meaning more kids to whom he can push his product. Foot soldiers Sid Sumner and Juliet Nightingale find themselves in hot water once again with a locker full of illegal substances, and a copper intent on cleaning up the corridors… Will they be caught and bring Jordan's operation crashing down?

PC Kiss makes his move

hollyoaks george kiss

Said police officer is, of course, the disarmingly handsome PC George Kiss, who must be secretly pleased at the school's growing crimewave as it gives him an excuse to visit his favourite teacher, Mr McQueen, for a bit of flirting. Handing out leaflets to students on the dangers of the big bad world (bet they make great paper aeroplanes), he slips one to JP with a cheeky message asking him on a date. Awww. But will gorgeous George ever measure up to John Paul's first love…?

McDean rides again

Hollyoaks Favourites John Paul McQueen Craig Dean

Long-term fans get a chance to relive one of the show's most resonant romances, with key episodes from John Paul and Craig's tortured romance from circa 2007. The closeted schoolboy's crush on his resolutely straight, footie-loving bestie captivated the audience and made the lads one of the first same-sex soap couples to attract the kind of fiercely loyal online fanbase we've seen since with Emmerdale's Robron, Corrie's Kana and EastEnders' Ballum. McDean did it first. By the way, what is James Sutton's secret to eternal youth? Look at that skin!


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