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4 Hollyoaks spoilers for next week: Juliet in jeopardy, and Kyle clashes with Nancy

Plus a spectacular stunt week revisited in Hollyoaks Favourites

hollyoaks Marnie nightingale Juliet nightingale Sid sumner
Published: Saturday, 18th April 2020 at 7:00 am

The fallout from Hollyoaks' excellent hour-long special on the county lines drug dealing storyline continues to impact on Juliet Nightingale. In the coming week the terrified teen takes drastic action to save her family from danger, while falling deeper into trouble herself.


We also delve further into the past of Felix Westwood (that man has lived quite a life) and follow fragile Kyle Kelly as his mental health quietly starts to crumble. Here are your Hollyoaks spoilers for Monday 20th -Friday 24th April 2020.

Juliet betrays Marnie to save her from Jordan

hollyoaks Marnie Juliet jordan

Marnie Nightingale discovers Juliet returned from her trip to the seaside with more than a kiss me quick hat and some postcards, and demands to know why the gobby girl has a sizeable stash of cash hidden in her rucksack. Suspecting bad influence on/off boyfriend Sid Sumner is responsible the snooty matriarch marches her step/granddaughter round to the Lomaxes to confront him. Worried his underage drug dealing network could be exposed, Jordan Price privately warns Jules to put meddling Marnie off the scent - or else. Your heart will break as Juliet puts on her biggest front yet to protect her family by sacrificing her own safety, all the while masking her fear she's in way over her head.

Darren gets help as Kyle spirals

hollyoaks darren Osborne kyle kelly nancy osborne mandy morgan

The Darren and Kyle depression storyline has been expertly told, tying together two points of view on a difficult topic that has blindsided the audience with genuine narrative surprises. As the focus shifts from Darren finally finding the courage to confide in partner Mandy Morgan about his dark thoughts, there's the worrying feeling Kyle isn't taking his own advice and will carry on burying his own pain - despite having helped his friend through their shared struggle. The longer Kyle shuts out fiancee Nancy Osborne, the worse things will get. There are more rows and misunderstandings this week, but how long will Kyle suffer in silence?

Felix has another big secret

Hollyoaks felix westwood

Martine Deveraux looks like she's allowing old flame Felix back into her life, much to judgmental dad Walter's dismay. But this is the woman who stole her sister's husband from under her nose and married him in secret, so don't expect her to take any life advice on board. Until, that is, she overhears Felix on the phone and her suspicions are raised he's still hiding something from her about those mysterious missing years. And it's not that he used to be a rapper with his own MTV show in the 90s.

Celeste digs for dirt

hollyoaks celeste faroe

Meanwhile, sinister Celeste Faroe digs for dirt on her estranged dad and contacts his old prison cellmate, but she's scared that unstable brother Toby Faroe is showing signs he's still something of a loose canon in their murky plan to get revenge on the family that rejected them. If you ask me, the siblings had a lucky escape from being raised by the dysfunctional Deverauxs.

Hollyoaks Favourites: stunts and self-harm

hollyoaks favourites train crash 2014

Dusted down from the archives this week is a terrific two-parter from a classic stunt week, the annual event in which Hollyoaks blows the budget on blowing things up and killing characters off. The spectacular train crash from 2014 is one of the most memorable set pieces, putting the show's favourite family the McQueens on a fast-moving locomotive for a wild wedding reception that ends up going off the rails - literally. The fact Jorgie Porter wasn't decapitated in a particularly hairy moment for Theresa is a miracle. You'll also spot a pre-Doctor Who Mandip Gill in her breakthrough role as Phoebe McQueen. By contrast, there's also a repeat of 2017's sensitive, innovative and deservedly award-winning episode on the group self-harming circle involving teens Lily McQueen, Peri Lomax and Yazz Maalik.


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