Hollyoaks spoilers for next week: Felix left for dead, and Verity’s big plan

Plus, Nancy V Sienna in Hollyoaks Favourites

Hollyoaks felix westwood

If you’re ever invited to dinner at the Deverauxs, do yourselves a favour and politely decline. If you need more evidence the clan are the most dysfunctional family in Hollyoaks and require a wide berth, you’ll get it this week after shocking admissions and an act of violence.


Elsewhere, Verity Hutchinson is back with big plans to elevate the village’s image, and we recall a truly epic showdown from the archives in Hollyoaks Favourites. Here’s your guide to all the Hollyoaks spoilers for Monday 27th April – Friday 1st May 2020.

Felix is attacked

hollyoaks Felix westwood

Just as Felix Westwood is making headway and melting old flame Martine Deveraux’s hardened heart, she finds out he sold two of their triplets at birth for £50k and scarpered with the dosh. This puts the kibosh on any further seduction attempts, and as news spreads among the already-fractured family of what Felix did – and the fact pious patriarch Walter knew about it and let his daughter blame herself for her ex leaving almost 30 years ago – unstable son Toby Faroe takes vengeful action and tries to kill his father. But someone else gets arrested for the crime…

Verity takes the law into her own hands

Hollyoaks verity hutchinson james nightingale Sami maalik

Go-getting Verity Hutchinson sashays back into town clad in a purple power suit and tossing her perfect flaming locks like she’s in the opening credits of LA Law, so it’s fitting when she announces she’s come to open her own legal firm in the village. Roping in fellow legal eagles James Nightingale and Sami Maalik (who’s still so besotted with vivacious Verity he’s probably doodling ‘SM 4 VH’ on his legal pad during meetings), get set for the trio to turn the dingy old Donovan salon into a glamorous new professional precinct. I’m seeing an online spinoff with Aaron Sorkin as show runner.

Tony’s medication mystery

hollyoaks tony hutchinson edward hutchinson

Talking of Verity, she’s not wholly surprised at the absence of her dad Edward Hutchinson when she rocks up at Tony’s place, as Diane Hutchinson awkwardly explains her father-in-law was sent packing for the sake of her marriage following their ill-advised fling. Feeling positive about his future for the first time in ages, Tone decides to stop taking the mystery meds his dad prescribed in the wake of his breakdown – unaware Edward had tampered with them as part of his plan to permanently put his son out of the picture. Has the damage already been done by the drugs? And with his precious daughter now a permanent fixture, how long before evil Edward shows his face again?

Cindy plans a party

hollyoaks luke cindy

Elsewhere, Cindy Cunningham plans a party for fiancee Luke Morgan’s upcoming birthday. While this will no doubt make seasoned Hollyoaks viewers feel long in the tooth as the heritage characters creep further into middle age (isn’t Luke about 19? Isn’t Cindy a schoolgirl mum? When did it stop being 1999?!) it may also serve as a stark reminder of Luke’s mortality: let’s not forget he has a terminal illness that has dramatically shortened his life expectancy. Is being reminded of the ticking clock of time really a good idea?

Hollyoaks Favourites: Nancy reveals Sienna’s baby lie

hollyoaks Sienna Nancy darren

Back in time in the thrice-a-week throwback fix takes us to the glory days of when Sienna Blake was a manipulative minx, before she discovered mindfulness and stopped trying to wreck people’s lives. And by ‘people’ we mean Nancy Osborne, who she systematically set out to destroy for her first few years on the show. In two classic showdowns Nancy is driven to despair by her nemesis – literally – culminating in a tense car park rooftop climax, then Mrs O takes sweet revenge when she exposes Sienna’s big fat fib in front of the village – that baby bump she’s been sporting is actually a bit of foam from the costume department. What do you mean they always are?! On a more serious note there’s also a repeat of 2018’s moving episode written for World Mental Health Day focusing on the consequences of tragic Cleo McQueen’s eating disorder.


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