Dark times ahead for Darren Osborne in Hollyoaks this week as his depression storyline hits a dramatic crescendo, although help may finally be at hand from an unlikely source.


Elsewhere in the village there are life-changing decisions to be made for junior drug baron Juliet Nightingale and the Deveraux triplets. Here's all your Hollyoaks spoilers for 16th-20th March 2020.

Darren's depression diagnosed?

hollyoaks darren osborne

Manically distracting himself with a series of poorly-thought-out projects, erratic mood swings, spontaneous tears - it's clear all is not well with Darren Osborne. When he refuses to get up of the sofa or out of his pyjamas to host his much-hyped open-mic night, Mandy Morgan shares her concerns about her man's mental health issues with her friends. Of all people, it's Kyle Kelly who ends up getting through to him by suggesting to his former love rival he might have depression. "Behind the smiley face and the jokes there's a broken man," says Ashley Taylor Dawson of his alter ego's struggle. Can Kyle come to Darren's rescue?

Jail nightmare for Juliet

hollyoaks Juliet nightingale

Juliet Nightingale is behind bars having been collared for pushing drugs as she gets drawn deeper into the dangerous world of county lines dealing. Having just been officially adopted into the snobbiest family in soapland to whom appearances are everything, she's terrified how James and Marnie will react and has to think fast to explain why she was posing as a pupil in local schools armed with a stash of ketamine and some loose change. King pin Jordan Price holds the key to getting his protege off the hook, but if he does help her he'll no doubt want a huge favour in return. There really is no escape.

Edward wouldn't… would he?

hollyoaks diane hutchinson edward hutchinson

Diane Hutchinson is regretting her fumble with father-in-law Edward more by the minute, and when he insists it's time they came clean to Tony about their affair she panics. Whether this is another of the poisonous patriarch's power games or a genuine desire for family openness remains to be seen, but as the eminent surgeon receives an award for his work Di is on tenterhooks thinking he'll use his public platform to reveal what they were up to while Tony was sucking on serial killer Breda McQueen's lollipops as a hostage in the pig farm. Can Mrs H appeal to Edward's better nature? She'd have to find it first.

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Triple threat

hollyoaks celeste faroe toby faroe mitchell deveraux

If your head is still spinning from the slew of recent Deveraux revelations then buckle up because there's more backstory baking in the oven. Mitchell has just about processed he was born a triplet, and his two siblings were given away and grew up into vengeful sociopaths posing as husband and wife. Now the most twisted episode of Long Lost Family ever sets up the arrival of the trio's father, who Mitchell is keen to track down to answer some burning questions. Granddad Walter advises against it for reasons that presumably will become clear when said estranged dad Felix shows up in the coming weeks - played by ex-EastEnders star Richard Blackwood. The mind boggles as to how this plot can get even crazier.

Ollie raises awareness - and hopefully a smile

hollyoaks ollie morgan

It doesn't sound like the most light-hearted week in Hollyoaks history, but we are assured there is hilarity to be had with the teens as Imran Maalik and Ollie Morgan embark on their school environmental project. This involves Ollie dressed in a bin bag, Tom Cunningham pretending to be a wind machine and Imran doing his best David Bailey to take some pictures. Hoping to raise awareness on sustainability, the boys end up outshone by smart cookie Brooke Hathaway who manages to impress teacher Courtney Campbell with a much simpler idea. Kids, eh? On the topic of sustainability, can someone give a prize to the person who thought of the name 'Sweater Thunberg' for the covered market's recycled vintage clothing stall?


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