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6 Hollyoaks spoilers for next week: Cleo kisses Joel and Luke's sister Zara returns

Warren makes a menacing threat and Grace confronts Martine over Felix.

hollyoaks cleo mcqueen joel dexter
Published: Tuesday, 27th July 2021 at 8:00 am

Joel Dexter (Rory Douglas-Speed) kisses old flame Cleo McQueen (Nadine Mulkerrin) when his dad Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) makes a menacing threat that leaves him reeling.


Grace Black (Tamara Wall) confronts Martine Deveraux (Kelle Bryan) about what's really going on with her and Felix Westwood (Richard Blackwood), and sad news brings Zara Morgan (Kelly Condron) back the village for the first time since 2005.

Here are all your Hollyoaks spoilers for 2nd – 6th August 2021.

Cleo kisses Joel

hollyoaks cleo mcqueen joel dexter

Joel threatens to dob Warren in to the police about him robbing Price Slice and attacking Walter Deveraux (Trevor A Toussaint), but Foxy will do anything to cover his tracks and has no qualms about upsetting his son. Knowing how much he still cares for ex-girlfriend Cleo, Warren threatens to kill her if Joel doesn't give him an alibi!

Shaken by the depths his despicable dad is sinking to since teaming up with Fergus Collins (Robert Beck), Joel warns Cleo she's in danger - passion sizzles between the old flames and they end up sharing a clandestine kiss… Will Cleo throw away her romance with troubled Toby Faroe (Bobby Gordon) and end up back in the hot holy man's bed?

Felix caught out

hollyoaks felix westwood

Felix is still prime suspect for the Price Slice heist but is loathe to admit to the cops where he really was on the night in question, as it would incriminate him with girlfriend Grace and put Martine in a very tricky position with the friend she's betrayed.

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But nothing stays secret for long and soon Grace is in the know about what's been going on between Felix and Martine behind her back. The aggrieved gangster gives Felix the chance to come clean, but he sticks to his story. Grace eventually confronts Martine and forces her to choose between her ex or their friendship - will the girl code win out?

Luke's sister Zara returns

hollyoaks zara morgan

Luke Morgan (Gary Lucy) is desperate to track down Ollie after Sue's death so Cindy Cunningham (Stephanie Waring) puts a post on social media about the funeral, hoping the teen will see it and return for his granny's funeral. But it's not Luke's son who the post brings out of the woodwork, it's his estranged little sister, Zara.

Returning to Hollyoaks for the first time in 16 years, gobby Zara is annoyed to learn of her mother's untimely death through the internet and berates Luke for not telling her sooner, unaware her sibling is battling a terminal illness that's making him increasingly erratic. Unsure of how long Zara will be sticking around, Luke chooses to keep her in the dark about his dementia. How long can he keep something so huge from her?

Can Diane forgive Scott?

hollyoaks scott drinkwell

As she makes an effort to manage her mental health, Diane Hutchinson (Alex Fletcher) decides it's time to make up with Scott Drinkwell (Ross Adams) and tentatively reaches out to her nephew, keen to clear the air after they fell out. Being asked to look after your newborn niece only to have her kidnapped outside the hospital is quite a thing to get over, to be fair.

Allowing Scott to babysit the kids again makes Di uneasy, but she enjoys a date night with husband Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard) and is relieved when no children get snatched while their uncle is in charge. However, her anxieties are still niggling at her, and new BFF Becky Quentin (Katie McGlynn) isn't helping with her crackpot conspiracy theories and scaremongering…

Elsewhere on Hollyoaks

hollyoaks tony hutchinson
  • As well as Di's ongoing struggles, Tony has more to worry about with the Hutch restaurant facing a financial crisis. Seeking advice from old mate Jack Osborne (Jimmy McKenna), Tone considers his options as to the future of his beloved business, leaving him with some difficult decisions to make. Surely the hectic hub of village life won't be forced to shut it's doors? Where will we go for Tone's famous prawn linguini?!
  • Mandy Richardson (Sarah Jayne Dunn) is beside herself as teen killer Ella Richardson (Erin Palmer) prepares to hear her fate as to whether she'll be released from young offenders, and the possibility of her returning home has Nancy Osborne (Jessica Fox) on edge as she fears how Charlie Dean (Charlie Behan) will react after he took the blame for her crime. Darren Osborne (Ashley Taylor Dawson) reckons Ella's done her time and wants his stepdaughter back where she belongs, but whatever the verdict is it rakes up from very painful memories for the Osborne and Richardson clans…
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