One of Hollyoaks' most established families are back on top next week when the Cunningham clan launch an ambitious new business, but infighting among the relatives means things don't get off to the most harmonious of starts. Elsewhere, there's a birth, a desperate dilemma and old flames being reignited - here's your guide the upcoming drama ahead in our rundown of Hollyoaks spoilers for 17-21 February 2020.


Family business

hollyoaks cindy cunningham

Cast your mind back to October 2019 when Cindy Cunningham proudly announced work on her new retail venture, a covered market in the village, was to begin, despite those pesky rules about planning permission and health and safety. Ignoring the warnings, the project ended in disaster when Luke Morgan crashed a crane into the already-shaky foundations, creating a sinkhole and wrecking most of the exterior set. It's all been magically patched up now and the Cuninngham Grande (pronounced as an 'Ariana') Bazaar is finally set to open. Mini-Lord Sugar Tom Cunningham is hoping to persuade his avaricious big sister/business partner to turn the project into a sustainable eco-market, while the locals are hoping Luke stays away from heavy machinery.

Brooke's baby arrives

hollyoaks brooke hathaway ollie morgan

Talking of Luke, he's about to become a granddad (bet you feel old now) but can't bring himself to explain to excited son Ollie Morgan he has a terminal illness and might not live long enough to raise the baby Brooke Hathaway is about to have. The teen mum-to-be is still determined to give the child away, whether that's to Ollie or not who can say, but there are emotional scenes as they welcome their son into the world and life delivers another curveball for the young lovers.

Maxine sells out?

hollyoaks maxine kinsella

Maxine-no-mates Kinsella is still persona non grata after all that business about lying she had a terminal illness just for the attention, and accidentally sending her oblivious husband to prison for fraud. Oh, and launching a fundraising campaign on This Morning. The penniless pariah can barely afford to feed her and little Minnie, and the situation is so bad her only friend in the world is Liam Donovan. Still naive as ever, despite her audacious talent for deception, Maxine agrees to get dolled up and 'entertain' the club owner's clients in exchange for cash - and by entertain we mean more than mixing a mojito and ensuring the pretzels are topped up.

Have Mercy

hollyoaks warren fox

Warren Fox has been in and out of Hollyoaks like a boomerang for 15 years, so it's hard to keep track of who he's been romantically entangled with. So for argument's sake, let's assume he's slept with everyone bar Nana McQueen (although there's still time for that twist). You may or may not recall Foxy and man-eating Mercedes McQueen were once a thing, and when the pair come face to face again sparks are soon flying. Well, if Sylver can move on with Grace, what's stopping Mercy having some fun of her own with a coldhearted criminal who has a murderous past?

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The drugs don't work

hollyoaks adam rikkikt chris quentin

Kyle Kelly masks his pain at the recent miscarriage fiancée Nancy Osborne suffered, and scores drugs from county lines creep Jordan Price. Nance finds out he's using cannabis and accuses him of being irresponsible, which doesn't bode well for their future - especially if they want to try for another baby. There's the distinct feeling Kyle's recreational drug use is progressing fast into something more sinister - is this the reason his parents are soon to be introduced to the show? On that topic, how genius is the casting of Corrie's Chris Quentin as Kyle's dad - united on screen at last, Brian Tilsley and (someone who was once) his son Nick…


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