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Hollyoaks spoilers: Jesse's wedding drama and Mitchell comes out in next week's episodes

Will anyone get a happy ending?

hollyoaks week 4 courtney jesse wedding
Published: Saturday, 18th January 2020 at 6:00 am

Jesse Donovan and Courtney Campbell are total couple goals, as the youngsters say, in Hollyoaks. In a world full of dysfunctional, troubled partnerships the happy hairdresser and sassy science teacher are that rare beast - a happy couple.


So their wedding day this week should be a blissful blur of confetti, cake and smiles, but we're forgetting about the Donovan curse… Jesse reflects on the tragic loss of big brother Adam as him and sibling Liam prepare for the nuptials, and the gruesome demise of their dastardly dad Glenn and tragically toxic mum Tracey also loom large.

hollyoaks week 4 wedding

What should be the most joyous event of chirpy Jesse's life is marred by the revelation of more criminal activity within the clan when the groom overhears something shocking - his sister Grace discussing how she and local lawyer tried to kill Mercedes McQueen and have been covering it up since November.

Married life doesn't get off to the best of starts as Jesse vanishes after the ceremony, floored by the eavesdropping. Has he gone to shop his sister and James to the cops? Or change his name by deed poll so he's not a Donovan any more, hoping that banishes any further bad luck?

Elsewhere, Mitchell Deveraux bites the bullet and finally tells mum Martine he's gay, but the boat seems to have sailed for Scott Drinkwell who's got fed up of waiting for his on/off lover to come out of the closet he's moved on with wedding planner Azim Desai. You snooze you lose, Mitchell.

hollyoaks warren fox

And Warren Fox teams up with Brody Hudson to find Sienna Blake, who has done a runner with her and Foxy's twins, Sophie and Sebastian. Those poor kids have been treated like a game of pass the parcel since they were born and must be utterly confused as to which country they're in, which loopy parent is looking after them and generally what the heck is going on.


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