Hollyoaks spoilers: Grace Black is held hostage – can Trevor rescue her? First look pictures

Gangster Big Bob exacts revenge following the recent loss of his stash of cash

The tensions between Trevor (Greg Wood) and Big Bob (Vincent Ebrahim) look set to escalate next week when the gangster abducts Grace (Tamara Wall) and holds her hostage.


In scenes to be shown on Tuesday 16 September, Trevor will be left panicked when he finds a box on his desk containing a lock of blonde hair. He then gets a call from Big Bob blackmailing him for £60,000 if he ever wants to see Grace again.

Trevor did, of course, recently lose £50,000 of Bob’s money and knows that this is payback with interest for that error. With Freddie at his side, Trevor engineers a stand-off, but events threaten to spiral out of control when Big Bob produces a gun and aims it at Grace.


“Grace doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to guns – it wasn’t long ago that she was shot by Mercedes,” a show insider said to Inside Soap. “To be staring down another barrel is more than just bad luck. But it’s three against one this time, so at least the odds are in Grace’s favour. Whether that will make a difference is anyone’s guess.”