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Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 3 January 2014

6-10 Jan: Finn carries out a dreadful act, while Theresa gets the shock of her life when an old face returns to the village logo
Published: Friday, 3rd January 2014 at 11:01 pm

Monday 6 January


Fraser attempts to buy Freddie off – but how far will Freddie go to remove himself from Fraser’s clutches? Diane and Tony learn the hard way that things are not always as they may seem… What is being planned for John Paul? Theresa further fuels Carmel’s anger and Ste reaches a difficult decision with the help and support of Leela.

Tuesday 7 January

Will Freddie’s search for Fraser’s accounts prove fruitful? Theresa’s world is turned upside down as an old face returns, leaving Carmel wondering if she’s made a monumental mistake. Wound up by Robbie’s taunts about John Paul, what will Finn do? With the wedding looming, Sinead struggles to contain her excitement, but will Diane feel the same way? Tony’s faced with a setback, but has Ste got the solution?

Wednesday 8 January

Will Finn’s malicious plan succeed? Or will he be discovered? Theresa is devastated at the prospect of losing her child, and her future, forever. Fraser ensures Freddie performs yet another risky task, and love is in the air for an unsuspecting couple.

Thursday 9 January

John Paul unveils Nana McQueen’s attacker, but will he call the police? Or will her attacker viciously turn on John Paul? Tony and Diane are left devastated by the events of yesterday, but will Trevor answer their prayers? Can Carmel stop Theresa from making a big mistake?

Friday 10 January


As John Paul struggles to come to terms with the trauma he was faced with yesterday, can he summon the courage to admit the truth? Finn desperately tries to get rid of the evidence, but is he thorough enough? Danny and Ste rekindle their father-son relationship, while Robbie remains blissfully unaware of the task his friend has just performed.


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