Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 7 November 2014

10-14 November: the big autumn stunt sees the McQueens board a party train, unaware that danger lies ahead

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Monday 10 November


Porsche is delighted when her missing bridesmaid arrives in the nick of time, but will John Paul’s fears for his cousin’s happiness derail the ceremony? Dodger returns to find Maxine under Patrick’s spell once more – can he rescue her?

Tuesday 11 November 

The jubilant McQueens board the party train, oblivious to the danger ahead. Maxine plots her escape, putting her faith in bitter Sienna…unaware that disaster is about to strike.

Wednesday 12 November

As celebration turns to tragedy on the party train, will everyone survive the devastation? Maxine goes into labour but relief turns to fear when her saviour leaves her life hanging in the balance. Sienna makes a heartbreaking discovery as Theresa bravely faces her fate.

Thursday 13 November

Heartbreak fills the air as the deceased are carried away from the train. Meanwhile, Patrick is the bearer of more tragic news and has a difficult decision to make, while Sienna is questioned about her part in the accident.

Friday 14 November


Sienna is caught between a grieving family and her own heartbreak and flees the hospital with a hostage in her clutches. Elsewhere, Esther discovers the truth about why her relationship with Kim was over before it began and wants answers…