Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 6 December 2013

9-13 December: Tilly becomes increasingly jealous of Chloe's interference, Carmel finds some heartbreaking evidence against Jim, while Sienna's lies are exposed

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Monday 9 December


Patrick is feeling angry and humiliated, but is there anything Maxine can do to make it up to him? Mercedes attempts to scare Cindy off Browning’s inheritance, but will she succeed? Carmel is left devastated as she discovers Jim’s heartbreaking secret. Esther and Tilly’s romantic meal is a complete disaster, and Trevor has an idea up his sleeve…

Tuesday 10 December

Realising that Cindy and Mercedes have a dark history, Dirk puts the pressure on Cindy, but will she reveal their shared secret? Carmel is left distraught by recent events. Elsewhere, Tilly struggles to hide her jealousy and Dodger reignites an old flame.

Wednesday 11 December

Fraser serves a punishment that shatters someone’s world.  Cindy leaves Mercedes inconsolable. The Lomaxes get the wrong end of the stick, Sienna ups her game as she realises that Tom is on to her, and Tilly makes a move that surprises even herself…

Thursday 12 December

Sam is desperate to uncover the truth behind the attack. Recent events put Sienna’s malicious plan in jeopardy, while Darren remains oblivious and Tegan makes a shocking admission.

Friday 13 December


Tilly begins to connect the dots behind one person’s intentions and vows to out the truth, but is she playing with fire? As Nancy discovers a gobsmacking reality, will the rest of the village believe her? Desperate Sienna goes to new extremes to conceal her secret, but will her efforts be in vain?