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Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 15 November 2013

18-22 November: Lindsey and Joe's wedding day arrives, while Joe is accused of murder logo
Published: Friday, 15th November 2013 at 11:01 pm

Monday 18 November


Diane’s devastation fuels Tony’s guilt, but is it enough for him to come clean? Or is there further trouble in store for Tony? Sienna’s left with a difficult decision to make, but will she show any signs of compassion and ultimately make the right choice? Worried about the discovery of Browning, Cindy leads an unsuspecting villager into a trap.

Tuesday 19 November

Browning’s body is discovered, but will the investigation into his death reveal his true murderers? Cindy prepares to reveal her dark secret to Dirk, but will he get the wrong end of the stick? As Jason goes missing, Holly makes a startling discovery, and, after reminiscing about old times, could Darren and Nancy be rekindling their relationship?

Wednesday 20 November

As Darren and Nancy grow closer, can Nancy find it in her heart to forgive Darren and move forward? It’s the day before Lindsey’s wedding, but a shocking accusation leaves her utterly devastated. Will the wedding be put on hold? Cindy knocks the wind out of both Dirk and Mercedes’ sails, and Holly’s uncomfortable with Jason’s sexual demands.

Thursday 21 November

Despite yesterday’s shocking developments, can Lindsey and Joe’s wedding go ahead? Freddie risks all to ensure Lindsey has the wedding of her dreams, but will it prove costly for him? When Darren learns of Nancy’s betrayal, how will he react? Holly and Ruby plot revenge when Holly is left mortified by her boyfriend’s antics, and bitter Sienna creates even more drama.

Friday 22 November


Darren finds himself isolated from all his loved ones, but can he count on Nancy’s support? Sam’s desperation to put Trevor behind bars is apparent, but will the evidence stack up? Freddie makes a shock confession, leaving scorned Sinead devastated. Robbie takes his revenge one step too far, and Sienna is comforted by an unlikely source.


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