Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 3 October 2014

6-10 October: Tegan tries to help Ziggy get over Leela, but her methods could land them both in danger

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Monday 6 October


Myra gets her hands on some incriminating evidence but will she use it to stir up trouble? Grace and Trevor receive heartbreaking news, while Freddie does a deal with the devil. Tegan meddles in Leela’s relationship and Lindsey is given a ray of hope about her future.

Tuesday 7 October

Lindsey is deeply suspicious of a new arrival in the village, while Ziggy and Cameron go head to head in an unlikely challenge.  Freddie and Big Bob’s plan escalates into a life-threatening hostage situation at the hospital and Grace fears for Esther’s health when the teen collapses. Elsewhere, Myra plans her revenge…

Wednesday 8 October

The hospital is in lock-down and the crisis develops into a life or death battle for one hostage.  Meanwhile, Tegan and Ziggy, trapped in the lift, find a surprising way to pass the time, while terrified Lindsey makes a desperate confession.

Thursday 9 October

Tegan and Ziggy panic when the stuck lift threatens to plummet, while Leela races to save her sister.  Elsewhere in the hospital the day ends in tragedy, while back in the village Phoebe makes Robbie an offer he can’t refuse.

Friday 10 October


Relief for the hostages is short-lived as the dust settles after the hospital crisis, while Sienna’s cunning plan means Maxine is forced into an awkward situation with Patrick. Cindy gets the news her family has been waiting for but Jason is alarmed by what he finds during their visit.