Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 11 October 2013

14-18 October: Sinead wants to pay Trevor a lesson and steals what she thinks is a bag full of cash from The Loft. She takes the loot to the council flat, unaware it’s actually a bomb...

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Monday 14 October


It’s Mercedes’s 30th birthday and she’s determined to celebrate in true McQueen style, but a face from the past has plans to make sure the party goes off with a bang…  Ste and Doug prepare to say goodbye to Hollyoaks but will Danny reveal the truth to Ste before it’s too late?  Elsewhere, Tom admits defeat to Sienna, Leanne is devastated as she unearths Dennis’s lies and Ash makes a shocking discovery about Will…

Tuesday 15 October

A horrified Ash confronts Will about his past crimes, but how far is he prepared to go to secure her silence?    Mercedes’s birthday celebrations are in full swing but the McQueens are unaware of the explosive surprise that’s in store for them. Sinead has bagged a leaving present for Ste and Doug which could change their lives forever. Meanwhile, it looks like it’s the end of the road for Dennis and Leanne.

Wednesday 16 October

The whole village is reeling from the explosion and a desperate mission to find survivors gets underway – but who or what will they uncover?  An unexpected visitor arrives at the McQueens’ but will they get the reception they’d hoped for?  Elsewhere Lindsey and Cindy find themselves forced to face their demons, and Will’s feud with Dodger is brought to a shocking conclusion.

Thursday 17 October

As the dust settles, the Savages pull together as they try to deal with their grief. Everyone is stunned when paramedics uncover another body in the rubble. Meanwhile, Sam resolves that she will find the person responsible and Cindy and Lindsey find themselves bonded by a dark secret…

Friday 18 October


Cindy and Lindsey struggle with the burden of their secrets but Lindsey is left speechless when Cindy admits she has one more confession to make. Sam makes a discovery which threatens to turn her life upside down. Meanwhile, the Osbornes are faced with utter devastation, Holly struggles to come to terms with her grief and Dennis has to break life-shattering news.