Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 12 September 2014

15-19 September: Trevor and Freddie find out that Big Bob has taken a hostage and it’s a race against time to save them, while the Lomax girls appeal to find the driver who killed their parents

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Monday 15 September


Carmel makes a shock announcement to the McQueens. Trevor fears for Grace when he receives a mystery parcel. Elsewhere, Ste makes a confession to Tony, while George and Esther fall out when she turns into the boss from hell.

Tuesday 16 September

It’s a race against time as Trevor and Freddie embark on a tense rescue mission.  There’s a new development in Finn’s case but will it be enough to convict him?  The Lomaxes are rocked by a threatening encounter.

Wednesday 17 September

Everyone gathers at court to hear Finn’s plea.  Leela, Tegan and Peri make a police appeal, desperate to find the driver who killed their parents.  Is the source of Esther’s secret fortune about to be revealed?  Phoebe is surprised by Vincent’s return.

Thursday 18 September

Tony must decide where his loyalties lie, while Ziggy is caught red-handed.  Despite Phoebe’s best efforts, George and Vincent come face-to-face.

Friday 19 September


Patrick is determined to regain control over Maxine and Dodger at any cost, while Sienna puts herself in danger trying to escape the boiler room.  Dirk is heart-broken after visiting Cindy, while Nancy fears her affair with Rick is about to be exposed.