Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 22 August 2014

25-29 August: Theresa makes her return, while Darren and Nancy wonder whether it’ll be second time lucky when their wedding day arrives

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Monday 25 August
Finn’s shocked when a familiar face returns to the village but do they have good intentions? Sienna engineers an awkward meeting between Maxine and Patrick and tells an unforgiveable lie to keep Dodger by her side. Theresa sends a visiting order for Kathleen-Angel, but Sonny visits her instead… Elsewhere, Nancy is stressed about her impending nuptials. When Darren refuses to lift a finger, will Rick be her knight in shining armour?


Tuesday 26 August
Nico is outraged when she finds out about her mother’s lie and promises to tell Dodger the truth. Finn and Amber ask Diane for a deposit so they can get their own place, while Rick makes a promise to Nancy, but will he stand by it?

Wednesday 27 August
Finn shows his true colours when he sees Amber trying to leave the village and it’s up to Nancy to save the day, but has she put herself in danger? Meanwhile, it’s the night of Darren’s fancy dress stag do. Dodger confides in Patrick about Nico, while Maxine is scared by what she finds on the boat…

Thursday 28 August
Ste is reunited with a face from the past – will they spoil his chances with John Paul? Darren races to be by his wife’s side after her attack, while one resident tries to hide their terrible deed. Robbie is determined to make sure justice is served but will he succeed?


Friday 29 August
The village is shocked by the recent arrest, while Nancy is determined to go through with her wedding to Darren. A proud John Paul walks Nancy down the aisle but will it be second time lucky for the bride-to-be?