Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 8 August 2014

11-15 August: Ste decides to make Finn pay – will John Paul finally get justice?

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Monday 11 August


There’s a near miss for Tony and Sinead when Diane unexpectedly returns to the village. John Paul feels betrayed when Ste and Finn bond at the restaurant.  The village descends into chaos when Cindy’s plans to run away with Rhys go wrong.  Have Holly and Dirk lost her forever?

Tuesday 12 August

Tony prepares to tell Diane about him and Sinead.  Dirk is devastated when Holly tells him she wants him out of the flat.  Trevor and Grace are on their way to an IVF appointment when a familiar face makes a threatening return.  Meanwhile, a suspicious Ste decides to take the law into his own hands.

Wednesday 13 August

When Big Bob ups the pressure on Trevor, Grace makes Lindsey an offer she can’t refuse.  Nico flips out and Sienna backs down – but will Nico trace her father?  Ste comes close to the truth – will John Paul finally get justice? After the day’s events, Ste unwinds at the college’s fancy dress disco.

Thursday 14 August

Ste panics when he can’t remember what happened last night.  Meanwhile, Sienna is oblivious to Nico’s secret rendezvous.  Lindsey’s on a mission at the prison as Big Bob increases the pressure on Trevor and Grace.  It’s exam results day – will Esther and the Roscoe boys pass with flying colours?

Friday 15 August


Lindsey’s heart sinks when she gets a call about Joe.  Sienna panics when she discovers where Nico’s gone – but is she too late?  Guilty Ste begs John Paul not to give up on him.  Jason struggles to cope under pressure and Holly despairs when he fails to live up to his promises.