Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 4 July 2014

7-11 July: John Paul proves to Ste how much he cares for him, but has he inadvertently landed him in serious trouble?

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Monday 7 July


Sienna is desperate for answers and sets her sights on Rick, while Rick is confronted with a face from the past. When Nana McQueen plays matchmaker, will her efforts be in vain? Sinead ups her game, leaving Tony astounded.

Tuesday 8 July

Sienna proves she is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure she stays out of prison. Sinead turns up the heat with Tony. Things are on the up for John Paul’s love life, but can he truly trust the person who holds his heart?

Wednesday 9 July

Nancy is forced into a corner to protect her family. John Paul and Danny attempt to support Ste, but nothing can prepare Ste for John Paul’s shocking revelation. Will Sinead have any regrets about her heartless revenge on Diane?

Thursday 10 July

The net closes in on Fraser’s murderer. Sienna continues her search for Nico – will she discover who is really responsible for her disappearance? And will she finally find her daughter? Intent on getting her house back, Nana goes to extremes. Elsewhere, Peri goes missing.

Friday 11 July


Sam is hot on the trail of Fraser’s murderer, while John Paul and Ste are under pressure. Will Sandy leave the village forever? Will Nana win back the McQueens’ home? And is there more to Patrick’s generosity than meets the eye?