Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 28 June 2013

1-5 July: Myra makes it clear she's not going to tolerate having a murderer as a son-in-law, Phoebe approaches Trevor to get a fake passport, while Sandy is shocked to see a face from her past

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Monday 1 July


Joe is furious when he makes a discovery that rocks the Roscoes’ world, but does Freddie have the solution? As financial pressure mounts on Sinead, what lengths will she go to secure the money? Wanting to help Vincent, Phoebe unwittingly puts herself in grave danger with an old enemy. Meanwhile, Myra attempts to break up Mercedes and Browning, but will she succeed?

Tuesday 2 July

Vincent grows increasingly concerned for Phoebe’s whereabouts, but is it too late? As Darren learns of Freddie’s illegal move, could it be game over for the Roscoes? Dr Browning becomes rattled by recent events and turns on his own wife, but is she playing some kind of sick game with him? Freddie uncovers Lindsey’s secret, but why won’t she tell her fiancé? Tony struggles to cope with future prospects and Cindy is asked out on a hot date.

Wednesday 3 July

As a severe warning sign lands at the McQueens’ door, Dr Browning helps them concoct a risky plan. Will Freddie’s words resonate with Lindsey, or has she already made up her mind? Joe attempts to secure the Roscoes’ future, while Ziggy is left gobsmacked by a neighbour as he gets the wrong end of the stick.

Thursday 4 July

The McQueens’ risky plan is well and true underway, but can they really fool this dangerous figure from their past? It’s a life-changing day for Dr Browning, but will he succeed? Or will he let his demons get the better of him? Meanwhile, Freddie’s attempts to hurt his brother succeed and Tony is left floored by a discovery in the village.

Friday 5 July


Joe concocts a plan to end his living nightmare, but will he go through with it? John Paul decides to confess his true feelings to Doug, but are they reciprocated? Frankie is shocked to learn of Jack’s old acquaintance, but just how do they know each other? Elsewhere, Dr Browning struggles with his recent revelation and makes a murderous plan to end all his fears.