Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 23 May 2014

26-30 May: Dodger faces a backlash, while Maxine is angry with Patrick

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Monday 26 May


Sandy is still reeling from Lindsey’s revelation, but will she out the truth and risk splitting up the Roscoes for good? Can Maxine bring herself to tell Patrick that their baby may have Down’s Syndrome? Nana’s concerns grow as she watches a blossoming friendship, but will she get the wrong of the stick? Ste and Freddie make a deadly pact.

Tuesday 27 May

Dodger battles to supress his feelings for Maxine, but will anyone or anything make him change his mind? Freddie breaks Sandy’s heart, but has she inadvertently found the answer to Freddie’s prayers? When a pair of boxers are found in her room by Cindy, Holly faces some difficult questions. Could this be the end of Holly and Jason? Furious, Carmel gives Sonny an ultimatum.

Wednesday 28 May

Will Maxine stick by Patrick despite his callous remarks? Tensions run high between Blessing and Dennis as a speed-dating event brings home their feelings for one another. Meanwhile, Blessing is gobsmacked as her past begins to haunt her. Holly tries to hide the truth about her infidelity and makes up with Jason, but how long can she keep this secret?

Thursday 29 May

Wanting the best case scenario, Holly’s lies spiral out of control, with life-changing consequences for one unsuspecting villager. After a shock encounter, Tony encourages Blessing to tell the truth, but will she find the courage to open up? Maxine is left confused and distraught – what will she decide? Elsewhere, has Finn set his sights on his next victim?

Friday 30 May


As Cindy stands by her daughter, Dirk is forced to make an almost-impossible decision. Sinead is confused by Finn’s odd behaviour, but will she convince Diane and Tony to take action against the troubled teen? Dennis has a lot on his mind today, leaving those around him concerned. A day of fun turns incredibly sinister for Blessing, while Robbie struggles with his mock A-Levels.