Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 20 April 2013

22-26 April: It’s a race against time for the McQueens to get the ransom money to Clare, nightmares flood back for little Tom, while Will and Leanne grow closer when an unexpected windfall comes their way

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Monday 22 April


With time ticking, can Dr Browning seal the deal to ensure Mercedes’ safe return? Or will it take a horrifying turn for the worst? As Will’s future begins to slip away from him, could a friend have the answer? Dodger is left petrified as his day takes a turn for the worst.

Tuesday 23 April

Dr Browning concocts a cunning plan, but has he unwittingly put himself in mortal danger? Will is faced with a life-changing dilemma, but what will he decide?  And Tom is left petrified by rumours of Clare Devine’s return.

Wednesday 24 April

Tom’s fears are confirmed when an unwanted figure from his past haunts him, but will anybody come to his rescue? As Dr Browning fights for his life, will anybody be able to save him?  Does a concerned Leanne see through Will’s intentions? Meanwhile, has Carmel begun to see Jim in a new light?

Thursday 25 April

How many secrets and lies will be revealed at Texas’s hen do? And from whom will she seek solace? Mercedes is wracked with guilt; will anything make her feel better? Will Carmel be well and truly won over by Jim at last?

Friday 26 April


Texas is faced with a difficult decision, but what will she choose? Her head or her heart? Myra feels compelled to tell Carmel the truth, but will she break Carmel’s heart?  Elsewhere, Mercedes goes to extreme lengths to settle her debts with a family member.