Monday 19 May


Tony attempts to play matchmaker, but will his efforts be in vain? After Tony’s advice, does Blessing have the confidence to tell Dennis her innermost secret? Can Holly forgive Jason? Meanwhile, Sinead’s plan spirals out of control and Robbie is confused by his brother’s secrecy.

Tuesday 20 May

When Sinead and Carmel rally round to receive charity funding, Diane is left devastated as she learns about her daughter’s condition. As Joe’s suspicions increase, can he convince Lindsey to get concrete proof? Will Tony’s restaurant review go without a glitch? Ste’s left feeling more alone than ever, and is Phoebe getting jealous?

Wednesday 21 May

Emotions are heightened at the fundraiser, but can Sinead keep her shocking secret? Patrick and Maxine arrive back from their holiday and are horrified to discover Sienna’s recent antics, but is she harbouring a bigger secret? Phoebe checks Robbie’s phone - does her boyfriend have feelings for someone else?

Thursday 22 May

With a poignant day ahead, Sinead sets out to ensure justice for Katy is finally achieved. Are Freddie and Lindsey in more danger than they realised? Is Sienna any closer to finding her long lost daughter? Nancy juggles her work and her love life, but will she strike the right balance? Meanwhile, Trevor attempts to uncover the truth about Fraser’s murder.

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Friday 23 May

Freddie resigns himself to admit the truth about him and Lindsey. Will Lindsey reveal the extent of her infidelity? A heartbroken Sinead grows closer to Sonny, but has she misread the signals?


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