Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 6 April 2013

8-12 April: the McQueens grow increasingly desperate as Mercedes' kidnapping still goes unsolved, while Patrick shows his true colours when he finds out that Sienna has been to see her mum

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Monday 8 April


Clare continues to get closer to Dr Browning but will he see through her act?  And does Clare know more about Mercedes’ disappearance than she’s letting on? As Robbie dares Callum to up the ante, what extremes will he be pushed to?  Sienna makes a decision that could rock Patrick’s world, but will he find out? Meanwhile, Leanne stuns Texas with some wedding news…

Tuesday 9 April

Will Sienna abide by her father’s stringent rules? As Dr Browning grows increasingly desperate, is Mercedes in serious trouble? Jim has one last attempt at wooing Carmel but will he finally be lucky in love?  Maxine is elated when offered a fantastic opportunity, and Texas struggles to keep her emotions in check.

Wednesday 10 April

Frantic Dr Browning confronts his prime suspect, but how far will he go to prove his love for Mercedes?  As the McQueens receive some alarming news, Jim concocts a plan to ensure Mercedes’ safe return, but will his efforts be in vain? Elsewhere, Leanne makes a shocking discovery.

Thursday 11 April

The McQueens fall into despair as the stakes are raised, but does Jacqui have an idea up her sleeve? Can Leanne bring herself to tell her best friend the ghastly truth? Maxine finds a unique way to improve her academic skills, whilst Theresa receives relationship advice from an unlikely acquaintance.

Friday 12 April


Pushed to the extremes, will Jacqui shake hands with the devil? Leanne makes a shocking move, but will it prove to be a costly mistake?  Maxine is jubilant after receiving fantastic news, but for how long can her good mood last? Elsewhere, Carmel offers a shoulder for petrified Myra.