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Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 2 May 2014

5-9 May: Grace decides that Ste is to blame for her dad’s death and takes drastic measures to get a confession out of him logo
Published: Friday, 2nd May 2014 at 11:01 pm

Monday 5 May


As Sandy returns to find her son missing, can Cindy prevent her from calling the police? Will Joe’s attempts to reconcile with Lindsey be successful? Sinead reveals she will do anything to get justice for Katy, leaving a source close to her concerned. And Sienna tries to get closer to Peri…

Tuesday 6 May

At Katy’s hearing, will Sinead get the answer she craves? Will Lindsey’s affair with Freddie be made public? Sonny admits his deepest secret, but will his confident be able to keep quiet? As Nana McQueen’s money troubles worsen, an unexpected villager offers a random act of kindness, but how will she react? Sienna ups her game, but is it enough to win over the Lomaxes? Meanwhile, Sandy, Tegan and Grace go head to head at Fraser’s will reading.

Wednesday 7 May

When Sinead concocts a malicious plan to bring down her archenemy, is she getting in too deep? Sienna is left devastated as her chance to get close to Peri fails, but does she have another trick up her sleeve? Grace visits an old flame, who gives her food for thought. Nana is excited by a new job prospect, and nothing can prepare Lindsey for the day’s events that lie ahead of her…

Thursday 8 May

Vulnerable Ste finds himself under Grace’s spell, but does she have an ulterior motive? Ziggy puts his foot down where a modelling job is concerned, leaving his agent high and dry, but will anyone get him to change his mind? And just what is Peri up to?

Friday 9 May

Under Grace’s grasp, Ste’s in bigger trouble than he could ever have imagined. Does Tegan have a solution to her brother’s problem, or will she make matters worse? Sienna causes havoc for the Lomaxes, but is it enough to tear them apart? Is love in the air for Leela and Ziggy? Meanwhile, George considers internet dating…



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