Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 4 April 2014

7-11 April: Maxine is terrified by Patrick's reaction to her pregnancy, while Freddie and Lindsey's forbidden romance heats up

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Monday 7 April


A confused Lindsey seeks advice off Mercedes, but will she take heed of it? Meanwhile, Freddie is over the moon, until he gets the shock of his life… Sienna learns of Maxine’s secret, but will she reveal the truth to Patrick? Dennis is concerned for his friend, while Dodger is given hope of a rekindled relationship. Trevor is left intrigued by an interesting proposition…

Tuesday 8 April

Does Lindsey still feel the same way towards Freddie? In order to regain control, what information will a concerned Fraser blackmail Freddie with? Grace is furious at Trevor – why would he betray her like this?

Wednesday 9 April

Trevor and Grace prepare for their life away from Fraser, but can anything – or anyone – tempt them back to the village? Freddie and Lindsey are left with little choice but to reveal the truth, but are they too late? As Patrick tries his manipulative best, will he save his relationship with Maxine? Dennis tells Dodger that it’s now or never, and Sonny’s determined to find out the truth about Katy’s death…

Thursday 10 April

It’s the day of Katy’s funeral and Ste is furious to discover that Sinead knows nothing about it. Is there anything he can say to ensure a catatonic Sinead says a final goodbye to her daughter? Sonny delivers some life-changing news, while Grace leaves Trevor astounded by revealing her deadly goal…

Friday 11 April

Diane’s farewell is short-lived as a grief-stricken Sinead interrupts. Will Grace still be intent on following through on her evil plan? Tegan is devastated to realise the extent of her statement, but when Leela overhears, how will she react? Ste’s gutted to realise that he’s receiving the full brunt of Fraser’s lies…