Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 21 March 2014

24-28 March: Peri has a shock fall, while Diane's wedding day goes awry

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Monday 24 March


Danny’s desperate to ensure Peri remains silent, with devastating consequences for the Lomax family. Nancy’s nervous about her first day in a new job, but will it be a success? Leela gives Ste the push he needs to speak to John Paul, but will her efforts be in vain?

Tuesday 25 March

As Ste realises the weight of Peri’s discovery, will he reveal the truth to Sam? Has Tony been completely honest with Diane? Will Maxine be able to keep her community service secret from Patrick?  Sinead is hopeful that from a distance she can still be a good mum, but will anyone – or anything – scupper her plans? Darren feels second best, and Lindsey delivers some heart-wrenching news…

Wednesday 26 March

Yesterday’s life-shattering reveal gives Danny an unexpected opportunity. Can Darren persuade Diane to finally forgive Tony? How will Maxine react when she’s confronted about Patrick’s abuse?

Thursday 27 March

Diane’s attitude tips Sinead over the edge, but how will Sinead respond? Freddie’s secret plan is in place, but will Finn play ball? Tony has an important question to ask Diane, but will it be the joyous occasion he had planned? Sienna attempts to befriend her daughter’s family, but will she raise their suspicions?

Friday 28 March

Sinead is grateful for a chance to prove herself, but will it all go horribly wrong? Diane struggles to comprehend the day’s events, whilst Darren is left reeling at Nancy when she gets a little too close for comfort to Patrick.