Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 14 March 2014

17-21 March: Robbie gives Sam a new statement, while Trevor prepares to kill Ray

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Monday 17 March


Alex Browning is determined to uncover the truth about his father’s death – is the girls’ darkest secret about to be revealed? As a shadow from her past returns to the village, is Grace in grave danger? Jason and Holly are desperate to get the morning after pill, but will they succeed? Maxine is shocked at the lengths Sienna is prepared to go to prove Peri is her daughter, while Dennis’s new business venture has an eventful opening…

Tuesday 18 March

With yesterday’s events weighing heavy on his mind, Trevor is more determined than ever to bid farewell to his violent lifestyle, but how simple will it be to go straight? Dirk attempts to take the rap, but has he made matters a whole lot worse? Danny gives John Paul a ray of light, but is it enough to change his plea? Meanwhile, will Holly discover the truth about her mum?

Wednesday 19 March

Cindy braces herself for some tough questioning at the station. At John Paul’s plea hearing, is he strong enough to stand up in court against his attacker? Determined to get his own way, Fraser makes certain that Trevor will commit one last job for him…

Thursday 20 March

Trevor drives his nemesis to the middle of nowhere, but is it game over for his father’s killer? Danny and John Paul bid a passionate farewell to one another, but will their illicit affair go unnoticed? Tom helps Peri overcome her new fear, and Robbie is terrified about court tomorrow.

Friday 21 March

It’s the day of John Paul’s sentencing; will Robbie step up and do the right thing by his teacher? Reeling from her discovery, will Peri reveal all? As Trevor seeks the ultimate revenge, is he fighting a losing battle? Elsewhere, Nancy’s left with food for thought, and Mercedes concocts an elaborate plan to save her brother from prison…