Sienna makes surprise appearance in Hollyoaks – but says she’s never coming back

Brody betrayed her by siding with Warren

hollyoaks sienna blake

Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) made a surprise cameo in Hollyoaks, her first on-screen appearance since going on the run with her twins last month, but it might be the last we see of her as she fumed down the phone to boyfriend Brody Hudson (Adam Woodward) upon learning he’d betrayed her.


Thanks to a tip-off from Ms Blake, her ex Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) was finally questioned by the police for holding his baby mama hostage back in 2017 days before she was due to give birth, as he planned to snatch their twins as soon as they were born.

Realising he could go to prison unless Sienna’s statement was either withdrawn or discredited, in Wednesday 12th February’s E4 Hollyoaks, Warren begged son Joel Dexter and lawyer James Nightingale for help. Joel persuaded Brody to lie to the cops Sienna’s story was false, following their bonding moment over Foxy’s troubled childhood, and Warren was eventually released.

Calling little sister Liberty Savage from her Welsh hideout where she’s getting son Sebastian life-saving treatment for leukaemia, Sienna was stunned when Brody got on the blower and admitted he had helped Warren get off the hook.

hollyoaks brody hudson

Refusing to listen to his claims that her old flame had changed and deserved a second chance, Sienna blasted Brody for teaming up with the man who stole her babies and announced she was never coming back and would stay hidden forever…

Presumably, this is just the latest way to keep Passey off screen for a while longer while the actress took a short break to go on holiday with boyfriend and former co-star Kyle Pryor.

hollyoaks sienna blake

Sienna has not left the show, but as and when she does return to the village her and Brody will now be at odds. Passey has said her alter ego wants nothing more to do with her man and the baby he’s expecting with Liberty that Brody and Sienna were meant to raise.

“As far as Sienna is concerned, Brody has a new life with Liberty to live. They seem to be moving on together. The only reason she would return to the village would be for Sebastian’s care.”

But can Sienna really stay away, and stay mad at Brody? What does the future hold for the tormented twosome?


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