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Anna Passey teases Sienna's return to Hollyoaks

We finally find out where she's been since fleeing with the twins

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Published: Friday, 7th February 2020 at 12:22 pm

Sienna Blake did a runner from Hollyoaks with twins Sophie and Sebastian last month, but Anna Passey assured fans at the time her alter ego would be back on screen before long. In the coming week, the search for the missing mum hots up as boyfriend Brody Hudson and baby daddy Warren Fox get a new lead on her whereabouts - but where has she actually been?


"Sienna has been trying to lay low in a hospital in Wales," reveals Passey. "Sebastian is seriously ill so she wants to keep him safe.

"After years of agony when Warren took the twins, Sienna finally has them back and is so relieved. She didn't want to leave Brody behind but she had to run away to keep Warren from taking the kids again - that is her biggest fear. The children are her priority."

The added complication for Sienna to return to is the fact Brody slept with her sister Liberty Savage who lied she was inseminated to carry their surrogate baby. Understandably, that's not something that can be brushed under the carpet…

"I think Sienna feels betrayed by Liberty and Brody and now she knows the baby is theirs, I think she'll put all her focus and priority onto her own children and leave them two to worry about their baby.

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"As far as Sienna is concerned, Brody has a new life with Liberty to live. They seem to be moving on together. The only reason she would return to the village would be for Sebastian's care."

Brody, Warren and Joel Dexter head to the address of a long-lost auntie provided by Liberty in the hope that's where Sienna is hiding - but the boys' road trip takes a surprising turn for Foxy who is unexpectedly confronted by his past…

So Passey is keeping tight-lipped as to the exact details of her comeback, but it feels pretty imminent. What does the future hold for her and Warren's roller coaster relationship once they see each other again? Do they have any hope of being successful co-parents?

hollyoaks sienna blake warren fox

"They both really love their children, so maybe they can overcome themselves to look after poorly Sebastian and do what's best for their kids. On paper, I can't see that they're capable of co-parenting as Warren is unpredictable and dangerous. But the fact they are parents to twins will always bind them…"


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