Sienna Blake leaves Hollyoaks – has she gone for good?

"She can't risk losing her children again and has no choice but to get away," explains Anna Passey

hollyoaks sienna blake

Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) staged a daring escape from Hollyoaks with twins Sophie and Sebastian in tow, leaving raging baby daddy Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) and heartbroken true love Brody Hudson behind – is this the last we’ve seen of the fan favourite?


Thursday 16th January’s E4 showing of Hollyoaks saw the climax of the chaotic cat-and-mouse game between former lovers Foxy and Sienna for the welfare of their kids, following Warren’s return and revelation Sebastian has leukaemia and desperately needs a bone marrow transplant.

hollyoaks warren fox

Warren had kidnapped Brody as a bargaining chip to force Sienna into helping him, promising to release the buff barman once she’d given the life-saving donation. But news Sienna was not a viable match due to previous chemotherapy for cancer meant her ex might move on with the toddlers again, so with Maxine Kinsella’s help she snatched them from the hospital and prepared to go on the run.

While Warren tried to track down Sienna, Brody was found and released by pals Damon Kinsella and Liberty Savage. Calling Sienna and arranging to meet with her and flee the village, Brody realised he couldn’t get to her in time urged her to put the twins first and go without him.

hollyoaks warren fox

Devastated but knowing she had to get away from wild Warren, Ms Blake roared out of town in the nick of time, finally reunited with her precious children – but at a terrible cost…

“Sienna has hoped desperately for so long to see her children again, so she cannot risk losing them now,” shares Passey. “So she has no choice but to get away from Warren and the village to keep them safe. Will she ever feel safe to come home…?”

It certainly appears there’s no going back for Sienna and viewers will be wondering when, or if, she’s coming back, but understands from a source this is a temporary exit. In fact, a quick glance at actress Passey’s social media reveals she’s enjoying a well-deserved holiday in Australia and New Zealand with boyfriend Kyle Pryor, former Hollyoaks colleague who played villainous Laurie Shelby.

Lomas is back as a regular for the first time since 2017 and his alter ego is unlikely to be rolling out the red carpet for Sienna’s eventual return. What will the next chapter of the pair’s volatile relationship be when she comes home? And what of sickly Sebastian’s health?


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