Hollyoaks' final episode before the autumn ended on a huge cliffhanger as the wedding of Scott Drinkwell (Ross Adams) and Mitchell Deveraux (Imran Adams) was thrown into chaos with Walter Deveraux (Trevor A Toussaint) vowing to stop the ceremony.


Mitchell's spiteful brother Toby Faroe told their disapproving granddad about the secret nuptials, while Scott celebrated his hen do oblivious to the fact his big day may not be happening at all. Can fans expect a happy ending when the show returns from its pandemic-induced break in September?

"The fact Mitchell doesn't tell Walter about the wedding like he promised to is a big red flag for Scott," says Hollyoaks favourite Ross Adams, speaking exclusively to RadioTimes.com. "His biggest fear in the past is people being ashamed of him, which has fed into his insecurities. He wanted to go into this marriage knowing they were both completely honest and Mitchell was proud to be seen with him.

"This is a warning to Scott perhaps Mitchell is actually ashamed. It definitely raises questions before the wedding. Everyone will be thinking are they even going to get married at all after this…"

Earlier in the episode Walter unwittingly stumbled into the hen party, still under the impression the event he'd been invited to the following day was a charity ball to raise money for sick donkeys - actually a cover story for the wedding.

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The quick-thinking guests pretended it was a belated bash for Mercedes McQueen's vow renewal a few weeks back, so Walter was none the wiser until Toby blabbed later on. Scott, meanwhile, felt deflated his dream wedding was still under wraps.

"Scott was heartbroken when he realised Mitchell hadn't told Walter the truth," continues Adams. "He'd had one too many Sex on the Beaches and almost told Walter himself, but thankfully Goldie and Cher stopped him. That wouldn't have ended well!

"It's such a shame for Scott, he just wants to be Katie Price for the day. And Mitchell is his Peter Andre! This is tricky, he doesn't want to make things worse between Mitchell and his granddad but at the same time he desperately wants Walter to be happy for them and to be at the wedding, but for the right reasons. This whole business is casting a shadow."

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Stitchell, as fans have dubbed them, have had quite the journey to the altar already. Straight doctor Mitchell was loved up with Cleo McQueen until he found himself attracted to Scott's drag act persona Anita Tinkle, unlocking forbidden feelings that led to him revealing his secret sexuality he'd kept hidden from his religious, very traditional grandfather.

Meeting secret siblings Celeste and Toby and realising he was one of triplets that were separated at birth has also added to mounting tensions chez Deveraux over the last year. Could the wedding end up healing the fractured family, and provide the boys with a fairy-tale ending?

"I'm a hopeless romantic, and want them to be together forever," smiles Adams. "But it's Hollyoaks so the likelihood of that happening is very small! Scott and Mitchell have faced so many hurdles already, things haven't been easy."

Having been forced to pause production just before the March lockdown, Hollyoaks resumed filming on 13th July and new episodes will air four nights a week from September, lending the wedding cliffhanger extra weight as the last before the soap goes temporarily off air - much to Adams' delight.

"It's amazing. I feel like I'm in the season finale of Dallas or something. Just call me the Sue Ellen Ewing of Hollyoaks!"


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