Ross Adams wants Scott and Mercedes two-hander when Hollyoaks returns

"They could have a sleepover!"

hollyoaks mercedes scott

It’s off air for now but when Hollyoaks returns from its transmission break viewers will be trying to spot evidence of social distancing on screen, as new episodes airing from September are being filmed within strict new government safety guidelines.


One of the many post-pandemic necessities for soaps to tackle are having less actors in longer scenes to limit the amount of people on set, which may mean more two-hander episodes – and Ross Adams reckons this is the perfect opportunity for his alter ego Scott Drinkwell and BFF Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe) to have a whole half hour to themselves!

“I love their friendship,” the star exclusively tells “I really enjoy those soap partnerships of two total opposites, and Scott sparks off scary alpha female characters like Mercedes and his boss at the Salon de The, Marnie Nightingale – he is terrified of them but has a close bond.

“I’ve always thought if Scott and Mercy were at school together he’d be trying to make himself her best friend, just to stop her flushing his head down the toilet!

“Mercedes is so sweet to Scott. She can be a cold fish sometimes, but you get glimpses of her softer side with him.

“One of the funniest moments between them I remember doing was when they were having a sleepover, we joined the scene mid-conversation and Mercedes was moaning: ‘For God’s sake, please don’t make me act out that scene from that Britney Spears Crossroads movie again…’

hollyoaks scott mercedes

“It’s always referenced they get up to all sorts together but we never see it, we know it’s happened but it just gets referenced on screen. That’s nice too in a way, as we can imagine the fun they’re having. But it would be nice to show more of it.”

Surely a two-hander where fans finally get to spend some quality time with the bubbly barista and the brunette landlady is a no-brainer in the new production rules now in practice on set?

“A two-hander sleepover episode would be brilliant, wouldn’t it?” laughs Adams. “We need less people in scenes now so that would totally work. It’s a great idea. Everyone’s a winner!”


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