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Hollyoaks: Ryan finds Amy dead - but did Ste really kill her?

The police have Ste in their sights - but have they got the right man?

Published: Tuesday, 28th March 2017 at 6:27 pm

Is Ste Hay REALLY a killer? It's the question that all Hollyoaks are asking tonight following the discovery of Amy Barnes's body.


Scenes just broadcast on E4 saw Ryan find his new bride died and immediately swear vengeance on Ste, who he knew felt aggrieved at the prospect of his kids being taken to live in the US.

For his part, Ste was busily washing incriminatory bloodstains away, all of which had Tony and Diane worried that he'd done something stupid in the midst of one of his blackouts.

With Ste unable to recall his actions, it certainly wasn't looking good. Especially when the police came calling to ask him questions about his whereabouts.

But what he - and viewers - certainly weren't expecting was for Harry to jump in and state that Ste had been with him all night.

So - will Harry regret lying to the authorities? Is Ste actually guilty? Or was somebody responsible for Amy's demise?

Speaking recently about Amy's exit, actress Ashley Slania-Davies said to Inside Soap: "I was told Amy would be killed off when Hollyoaks asked me to come back. It's been a blast to be back for a year and I think it's a good way to go, too.


"It's very exciting and I never thought I'd get an exit like this because Amy isn't the most thrilling of characters!"


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